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Putting Higher Education to Work: Skills and Research for Growth in East Asia

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Putting Higher Education to Work: Skills and Research for Growth in East Asia
  • Higher education is critical for sustained growth in low and middle income East Asia

  • Higher education can lift productivity and competitiveness in developing East Asian countries by:

    • Providing the high level skills demanded by the labor market—including technical, behavioral and thinking skills

    • Launching research needed for innovation and growth

  • Access to higher education has increased dramatically in the past two to three decades, but countries need to develop the right type of skills and research to be more competitive

  • To meet these goals, higher education needs to be seen as a system where individual institutions are well connected among themselves and to firms, research institutions and earlier levels of education

  • Public policy has a constructive role in improving higher education with high priority given to:

    • Financing:

      • Adequately finance research; prioritize underfunded fields such as science and engineering; provide sufficient scholarships and loans for the poor and disadvantaged

    • Managing public higher education institutions:

      • Improve the management of public higher education institutions, where 70% of all students are enrolled, by encouraging greater autonomy and accountability

      • Greater decision making autonomy in areas such as academic curricula, staffing and budgeting should be encouraged

      • Accountability can be enhanced by delegating greater power and responsibilities to institutions and governing boards and by providing students with information to choose and move across institutions

    • Providing better stewardship:

      • Put in place adequate incentives for private institutions so that they can further help governments increase enrollment and strengthen skills

      • Ensure stronger links between industry and universities

      • Take advantage of opportunities provided by international higher education markets

Download the Full Report (1.95mb pdf)
Download the Overview (570kb pdf)

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Download the report
Full report (1.95mb pdf)
Overview (570kb pdf)
Summary (96kb pdf)
Chapter 1 (378kb pdf)
Higher Education for Growth through Skills and Research
Chapter 2 (314kb pdf)
Is Higher Education Meeting Its Promises?
Chapter 3 (369kb pdf)
Disconnects in Higher Education
Chapter 4 (321kb pdf)
Financing Higher Education
Chapter 5 (273kb pdf)
Managing Public Higher Education
Chapter 6 (312kb pdf)
Providing Stewardship for Higher Education
Appendices and References (375kb pdf)

The report will be available for purchase on October 26, 2011. Click here to pre-order your copy.

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