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East Asia and Pacific: Gender

Progress on gender issues in the East Asia and Pacific region varies widely depending on context. In middle-income and emerging middle income countries, women are significantly integrated into the workforce. In the poorest countries and most fragile states, the disparity between women and men in economic and health areas remains high.

Across all countries in the region, women's voices in formal decision-making remain weak.

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Lao PDR: Safe Deliveries for Mother and Baby Lao PDR: Female Entrepreneurs with HIV-AIDS Lao PDR: Electricity for All-A Gender Lens Lao PDR: Mekong Results Based Initiative

Laos: Safe Deliveries
for Mother and Baby

Laos: Female Entrepreneurs with

Laos: Electricity for All-A Gender Lens

Laos: Mekong
Results Based Initiative

Supporting Young Entrepreneurs in Lao Vietnam: Ethnic minority women participate in regular maintenance of rural roads Micro-credit program in Vietnam targets women's poverty and social issues World Bank Praxis Discussion Series - Gender

Supporting Young Entrepreneurs in Laos

Vietnam: Women and road maintenance

Vietnam micro-credit program targets women

Praxis Discussion
Series - Gender


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What does EQUAL mean to you?
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