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Country Assistance Strategy (CAS)

The Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) is the detailed report on the World Bank’s priority areas to assist client countries with their own development programs. It describes all of the World Bank’s planned operations in Cambodia, including lending, studies, and other technical assistance. The latest strategy, which covers fiscar years 2005 - 2008, identifies governance issues as the primary obstacle to sustainable poverty reduction in the country. The assistance will focus on removing governance constraints to attaining Cambodia's Millenium Development Goals and supporting strategies and investments needed for their attainment.

  Access the Cambodia Country Assistance Strategy (CAS)
  Access the CAS Progress Report 

Pick up a copy of the Country Assistance Strategy at the local Public Information Center

Download the Cambodia Country Assistance Strategy FY2005-2008:
(All documents in PDF; Acrobat Reader required)

 Full Report (15mb pdf)
 Cover, Abbreviations and Acronyms, and Table of Content (190kb pdf)
 Executive Summary (81kb pdf)
 Chapter I: Introduction (10kb pdf)
 Chapter II: Country Context: Joint Analysis by the ADB, DFID, The UN System and the World Bank Group (71kb pdf)
 Chapter III: Country Development Program and Prospects: Joint Discussion of the ADB, DFID, The UN System and the World Bank Group (20kb pdf)
 Chapter IV: The World Bank Group in Cambodia - Building on Experience (45kb pdf)
 Chapter V: Bank Group Assistance Strategy (162kb pdf)
 Chapter VI: Risks (16kb pdf)
 Chapter VII: Concluding Remarks (8kb pdf)

 Kingdom of Cambodia: 2005 CAS Completion Report (75kb pdf)
 CAS Result Matrix (77kb pdf)
 2004 CG Priority Monitoring Indicators (25kb pdf)
 CAS Responce to Gender Assessment Findings (14kb pdf)
 Environment Sustainability in Cambodia (32kb pdf)
 RGC' Action Plan for Harmonization and Alignment: 2004-2008 (56kb pdf)
 Declaration by RGC and Development Partners on Harmonization and Alignment (204kb pdf)
 World Bank Group Joint Private Sector Development Strategy for Cambodia (74kb pdf)
 Country Financing Parameters (56kb pdf)
 Debt Sustainability (320kb pdf)

 Cambodia at a Glance (79kb pdf)
 Selected Indicators of the Bank Portfolio Performance and Management (58kb pdf)
 IDA Program Summary (75kb pdf)
 IFC and MIGA Program  (15kb pdf)
 Summary of Nonlending Services (33kb pdf)
 Social Indicators (36kb pdf)
 Key Economic Indicators (190kb pdf)
 Key Exposure Indicators (31kb pdf)
 Operations Portfolio (IBRD/IDA and Grants) (35kb pdf)
 Statement of IFC (53kb pdf)

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(Updated June 9, 2008)

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