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anchor tag The Global Development Learning Network (GDLN)
anchor tag China Global Development Learning Network

Global Development Learning Network (GDLN)

The GDLN is a worldwide partnership of Distance Learning Centers (DLCs). Its unique facilities offer the opportunity for on-time and cost-effective information exchange, knowledge sharing, coordination, consultation, training,  and dialogues to organizations, groups, teams and individuals that work to contribute to sustainable development and the reduction of poverty in the developing world.

Through Distance Learning Centers (DLCs) affiliated with GDLN it is possible to bring together development practitioners and experts at an unprecedented level - to share their experiences and learn from each other as they design and implement ambitious reform and change programs in developing countries. By eliminating the need for experts and practitioners to travel, training or other forms of knowledge exchange do not need to be delivered in a concentrated period of time. This gives more time and flexibility for participants to read more background material; prepare real, rather than simulated assignments related to their actual work; and to learn with their own (local) colleagues as a team.

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China Global Development Learning Network

The Beijing Global Development Learning Network (GDLN) Center was established in 2000 in the World Bank Office in Beijing. In 2002, with support of the World Bank and DFID, China Western Development Distance Learning Network (CDDLN) was established and inaugurated into operation in 2005 under the leadership of the Western Region Development Office of the State Council in China (WRDO).  In 2007, CDDLN entered into a MOU with the World Bank for the membership of GDLN.  Currently CDDLN's network includes 1 management hub (including a videoconferencing bridge) based at China Economic Information Center (CEI) in Beijing, and 11 DL Distance Learning Centers (DLCs). Most of the DLCs are located in the poorer western provinces and aim to help development and poverty reduction in those areas using the information technology to promote distance education and training as well as information and knowledge dissemination. Such an initiative is particularly important as China is rapidly evolving to a position of leadership and influence as a knowledge partner.  The 1 Beijing Management Hub and the11 CDDLN DLCs are hosted and managed by:

  • China Economic Information Network DLC---Beijing Management Hub of CDDLN
  • Guizhou Provincial Party's School/Administrative College --- Guizhou DLC
  • Inner Mongolia Party's School/Administrative College --- Inner Mongolia DLC
  • Sichuan Provincial Party's School/Administrative College --- Sichuan DLC
  • Gansu Provincial Administrative College --- Gansu DLC
  • Qinghai Provincial Administrative College --- Qinghai DLC
  • Xinjiang Autonomous Regional Administrative College --- Xinjiang DLC  
  • Guangxi Provincial Personnel Department --- Guangxi DLC
  • School of Network Education of Ningxia University --- Ningxia DLC
  • Chongqing Technology and Business University --- Chongqing DLC
  • Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology --- Shaanxi DLC
  • Yunan University --- Yunan DLC
  • Shanghai National Accounting Institute --- Shanghai DLC

CDDLN has also reached cooperation agreements with the Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Center DLC located at the Shanghai National Accounting Institute, and with the distance learning network of China Development Bank, with 35 centers across China.   Meanwhile, starting in 2008, CDDLN has been expanding its Network through a Phase-two project financed by the Chinese government, including the construction and establishment of about 50 sub-Distance Learning Centers at prefecture-level in western region provinces. It's expected to be completed by early 2009.



BeijingManagement Hub of CDDLN

ChinaEconomic Information Network Distance Learning Center

No. 3, Fuxing Road, Xicheng District, Beijing

Postal Code: 100038

Tel: (86 10) 63287337, 63286337

Fax: (86 10) 6328 7767

Contact: Mr. Jingyi Cui


Contact: Mr. Xiangming Zhang




Guizhou DistanceLearning Center

Guizhou Provincial Party's School/Administrative College

Tongmu Ling,

Huaxi District, Guiyang

Postal Code: 550028
Tel: (86 851) 3602790

Fax: (86 851) 77877248

Contact: Ms. Yang Boli




Inner MongoliaDistance Learning Center

Inner Mongolia Party's School/Administrative College

No. 45, West Road, Wulanchabu, Hohhot

Postal Code: 010010
Tel: (86 471) 2266925

Fax: (86 471) 2266925

Contact: Ms. Ruizhi Wang


Contact: Mr. Fangdi Yang




SichuanDistance Learning Center

Sichuan Provincial Party's School/Administrative College

No. 43, Guang Hua Cun Street, Chengdu, Sichuan

Postal Code: 610071
Tel: (86 28) 87351066

Fax: (86 28) 87351209

Contact: Ms. Li Tang


Contact: Mr. Chuan Lu




GansuDistance Learning Center

Audio and Visual Education Center

GansuProvincial Administrative College

No. 2926 Yantan Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou

Postal Code: 730000
Tel: (86 931) 8555319

Fax: (86 931) 8553123

Contact: Mr. Yalin Wei




QinghaiDistance Learning Center

QinghaiProvincial Administrative College

No. 2, Huanghe Road, Xining, Qinghai

Postal Code: 810001

Tel: (86 971) 4396375

Fax: (86 971) 6133513

Contact: Mr. Changde Wei




XinjiangDistance Learning Center

Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region's Administrative College

No. 22, Xihoujie, Urumqi

Postal Code: 830002
Tel: (86 991) 2652443

Fax: (86 991) 2658104

Contact: Ms. Qiuju Huang


Contact: Mr. Jun Liu




GuangxiDistance Learning Center


Personnel Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

4th Floor, Guangxi Ren Cai Building, No. 33 Jinzhou Road, Nanning, Guangxi

Postal Code: 530021
Tel: (86 771) 5505019

Fax: (86 771) 5505019

Contact: Ms. Chunyan Nong




NingxiaDistance Learning Center

Schoolof Network Education, Ningxia University,

No. 271, Wen Cui Bei Road, Xixia District, Yinchuan

Postal Code: 750021
Tel: (86 951) 2061826

Fax: (86 951) 2061796

Contact: Ms. Jiab Cao




ChongqingDistance Learning Center

ChongqingTechnology and Business University

No. 19, Xuefu Ave., Nan'an District

Postal Code: 400067
Tel: (86 23) 62769232

Fax: (86 23) 62768405

Contact: Ms. Weiqin Hu




ShanxiDistance Learning Center

Xi'anUniversity of Architecture Science & Technology

Level-8 Yi Fu Building, No. 13, Yanta Road, Xi'an

Postal Code: 710055
Tel: (86 29) 82205308

Fax: (86 29) 82205308

Contact: Mr. Mingjun Wang




YunnanDistanceLearning Center


No. 2, Cuihu North Road, Kuming, Yunnan

Postal Code: 650091
Tel: (86 871) 5032037

Fax: (86 871) 5031611

Contact: Ms. Lin Qiu




Shanghai Distance Learning Center
Shanghai National Accounting Institute (SNAI)
No. 200, Pan Long Road, Xu Jing Town, Qing Fu District, Shanghai

Postal code: 201702

Tel: (86 21) 69768029

Fax: (86 21) 69768043

Ms. Ying Melody Wang



Distance Learning Network of China Development Bank

Education & Training Department

China Development Bank

No. 29, Fuchengmenwai Street,

Xicheng District, Beijing

Postal Code: 100037

Tel: (86 10) 68306685

Fax: (86 10) 88308729

Contact: Ms. Guirong Han



China Development Bank (CDB) is the largest policy bank in China. It was established in 1994 under a Special Decree of the State Council and now is in the process of commercialization. CDB's objectives are to achieve government policy objectives with sound operating performance and continuously enhance China's ability to support economic and social development. Modern technologies of distance learning techniques have been adopted by CDB to ensure the realization of its economic and social development objectives. In the summer of 2007, CDB completed the establishment of the distance learning Network with 35 DL centers located at most provincial capital cities all over China.   


For its 35 provincial Distance Learning Centers, please also contact the above-listed information for the purposes of liaison and coordination.


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