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Quality Program for Photovoltaics


The goal of the Quality Program for Photovoltaics (QuaP-PV), was to bring about validated and institutionalized quality programs for the manufacturing,installation, maintenance, and testing of PV components and systems incountries. QuaP-PV’s main objective was to educate manufacturers of PVcomponents and systems, testing organizations, and installation and maintenancepractitioners on the importance of quality, and to teach ways to set upand implement quality systems.


Quality Program for Photovoltaics (QuaP-PV)


Foreword: View (10K PDF) Overview:View (34K PDF)


Quality Management in Photovoltaics: Quality Control Training Manual for Manufacturers
by Peter F. Varadi, Ramón Dominguez, and Deborah McGlauflin
(produced by PV GAP)

The purpose of this training manual is to establish global quality standards and to begin to help small companies in developing countries meet them.
View (2.9M PDF)


Training Manual for Quality Improvement of Photovoltaic Testing Laboratories in Developing Countries
by Gobind H. Atmaram and James D. Roland
(produced by the Florida Solar Energy Center)

This training manual is specific to quality improvement of PV testing laboratories. It addresses the testing of PV components and small systems.
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Certification for the PV Installation and Maintenance Practitioner: Manual for Implementing Qualified Certification Programs
by Mark C. Fitzgerald (produced by the Institute for Sustainable Power, Inc.)

This manual is a guide and resource for use in implementing a national quality trainer accreditation and practitioner certification system for PV systems design, installation, and maintenance.
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Solar Home Systems: Manual for the Designand Modification of Solar Home System Components,
by Mark R. Vervaart and Frans D. J. Nieuwenhout
(produced by the Netherlands Energy Research Foundation)

This manual forms the basis of a training course for engineers who will be involved in the design and modification of solar home system equipment.
View (1.7M PDF)


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