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Past East Asia & Pacific Updates

Since the 1998 financial crisis in East Asia, the World Bank has been issuing its East Asia Update to provide forward-looking analysis of the region's economic and social well-being. A new update is launched every six months, with the aim of providing timely data on key country and region priorities. Past issues of the update can be found below:

Nov 2011 East Asia and Pacific Economic Update - Navigating Turbulence, Sustaining Growth
March 2011 East Asia and Pacific Economic Update - Securing the Present, Shaping the Future
Oct 2010 East Asia and Pacific Economic Update - Robust Recovery, Rising Risks
Apr 2010 East Asia and Pacific Update - Emerging Stronger from the Crisis
Nov 2009 East Asia and Pacific Update - Transforming the Rebound Into Recovery
Apr 2009 East Asia & Pacific Update - Battling the Forces of Global Recession
Dec 2008 East Asia & Pacific Update - Navigating the Perfect Storm
Apr 2008 East Asia & Pacific Update - Testing Times Ahead
Nov 2007 East Asia Update - Will Resilience Overcome Risk?
Apr 2007 East Asia Update - Ten Years After the Asian Crisis
Nov 2006 East Asia Update - Managing Through a Global Downturn
Mar 2006 East Asia Update - Solid Growth, New Challenges
Nov 2005 East Asia Update - Countering Global Shocks
Apr 2005 East Asia Update - Managing Capital Flows
Nov 2004 East Asia Update - Steering a Steady Course
Apr 2004 East Asia Update - Strong Fundamentals to the Fore
Oct 2003 East Asia Update - From Cyclical Recovery to Long-Run Growth
Apr 2003 East Asia Update - Looking Beyond Short Term Shocks
Nov 2002 East Asia Update - Making Progress in Uncertain Times
Apr 2002 East Asia Update - Asia Rebounds, but for How Long?
Oct 2001 East Asia Update
Mar 2001 East Asia Update
Sep 2000 East Asia Update
Jan 2000 East Asia Update

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