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  Global Development Learning Network (GDLN)
  World Bank Institute - Catalog of Learning Programs

Global Development Learning Network (GDLN)

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The Global Development Learning Network (GDLN) is a worldwide partnership of Distance Learning Centers (DLCs). Its unique facilities offer the opportunity for on-time and cost-effective information exchange, knowledge sharing, coordination, consultation, training, and dialogues to organizations, groups, teams and individuals that work to contribute to sustainable development and the reduction of poverty in the developing world.

Through Distance Learning Centers (DLCs) affiliated with GDLN it is possible to bring together development practitioners and experts at an unprecedented level - to share their experiences and learn from each other as they design and implement ambitious reform and change programs in developing countries. By eliminating the need for experts and practitioners to travel, training or other forms of knowledge exchange do not need to be delivered in a concentrated period of time. This gives more time and flexibility for participants to read more background material; prepare real, rather than simulated assignments related to their actual work; and to learn with their own (local) colleagues as a team.

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World Bank Institute - Catalog of Learning Programs

The Catalog of Learning Programs describes WBI's learning programs and the events that have been scheduled under these programs. It provides information about WBI's mission and objectives, a link to online application forms, and how interested persons and organizations can collaborate and share knowledge with WBI.

WBI learning programs and events are intended mainly for clients of the World Bank, i.e. policymakers, government officials, development bankers, development experts, media representatives, representatives of bilateral and multilateral organizations, staff of nongovernmental organizations, and other clients working with the World Bank. Although many WBI events are restricted to clients, some are open to other interested parties and may be applied for online.

More information:
  Environment and Natural Resource Management
  Catalog of Learning Programs

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