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Many of the World Bank's publications are available free of charge online through this website. For free access in person, visit the World Bank InfoShop or local depository libraries. Publications can also be purchased through local book distributors.

Featured Regional Energy and Mining Sector Reports

Discussion Paper
Mongolia: A Review of Environmental and Social Impacts in the Mining Sector
May 2006
The mining sector is a major contributor to the Mongolian economy. The report outlines the key strengths and weaknesses of regulatory and institutional frameworks to address environmental and social issues in mining and identifies short-term priorities and improvements.


Country Report
Electricity for All: Options for increasing access in Indonesia (2.7mb pdf)
December 2005
Indonesia's commitment to reform is counting to accelerate economic growth, yet a staggering one third of its people live without access to electricity. This report was developed to initiate a dialogue to increase electricity access, identify critical barriers and propose policy improvements that would enhance current enabling framework for electrification.
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Discussion Paper
Small Power Purchase Agrement Application for Renewable Energy Development: Lessons from Five Asian Countries (580kb pdf)
February 2004
Asia has the largest population and fastest rate of growth of new electricity supply of any continent. How Asian nations elect to provide new electric generation capacity to meet this inevitable growth in electricity demand will have profound implications for their societies, for world energy use, and for environmental

Country Report
Economic Analysis for Solar Home Systems: A Case Study for the Philippines (680kb pdf)
February 10, 2003
This paper deals with the economic analysis of solar home systems for offgrid application in the Philippines due to recent decreases in the capital costs of photovoltaic systems. Solar homes systems financing is one of several components of the proposed Philippines Rural Project.

Country Report
Fostering Competition in China's Power Markets
March 31, 2001
This report proposes a strategy for developing competitive pool markets in China's power sector and for increasing energy trade between competitive pool markets areas.


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