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United Nations Sustainable Energy and Environment Division (SEED). The Sustainable Energy and Environment Division derives its mission from that of UNDP. It aims to help developing countries successfully design and carry out programmes which integrate the protection and regeneration of the environment and the use of natural resources to reduce poverty, generate sustainable livelihoods, and advance the status of women.

World Commission on Dams. The commission is an independent body of the World Bank mandated to review the performance of large dams and to set guidelines for the future. The overarching goals of the Commission are (a) to review the development effectiveness of dams and assess alternatives for water resources and energy development, and (b) to develop internationally-accepted standards, guidelines and criteria for decision-making in the planning, design, construction, monitoring operation and decommissioning of dams.

World Energy Council. The World Energy Council is the leading global multi-energy organization with committees and activities in approximately 100 countries, including most of the largest energy producing and consuming countries in the world. The Mission of the World Energy Council (known as the WEC) is to promote the sustainable supply and use of all forms of energy for the greatest benefit of all.

World Energy Efficiency Association. The World Energy Efficiency Association (WEEA) was founded in June 1993 as a private, non-profit organization composed of developed and developing country institutions and individuals charged with increasing energy efficiency. WEEA has been formed to (a) assist developing countries in accessing information on energy efficiency, (b) serve as a clearinghouse for information on energy efficiency programs, technologies and measures, (c) disseminate this information worldwide, and (d) publicize international cooperation efforts in energy efficiency.


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