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Sustainable Energy: Less Poverty, More Profits

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The book and accompanying video describe achievements in increasing access to modern energy services and maintstreaming the use of renewable energy efficiency in several client countries. With examples and lessons from programs of the World Bank, topics include achievements of the China energy conservation project and the promotion and production of solar home systems in China, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, small hydropower systems for grid- and off-grid electricity in Sri Lanka, as well as power generation from biomass and wind in India.

The book, published in December 2004 (48 pages) was especially written for policy and decision makers on energy investments and for energy and development professionals.

The video, prepared for BBC World's Earth Report, highlights:

  • decisions and priorities needed for renewable energy investment to grow in profitability;
  • cameos of a private energy producer, a rice grinder, a trader, a manufacturer, a banker, a stakeholder meeting, an engineer, and efficiency investor, a villager grocer, and a global company;
  • the impressive pace of mainstreaming in East and South Asia
  • the role of new financial and business models, especially private finance
  • the effect of pro-active and enabling regulations
  • the modern commercialization of new renewable energy technologies
  • the role of energy access in poverty reduction, and in productivity and competitiveness

With five case studies, you can visit:

  • thoroughly modern marketing in western China, where solar sells as a popular white good
  • solar home systems in Bangladesh, and the metamorphosis of civil society programs into commercial ones
  • groundbreaking approaches in energy efficiency investments in China
  • wind and biomass programs in India, and the role of regulation
  • decentralized microhydro and solar home systems in Sri Lanka and the benefits of customer service.

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