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Energy and Mining Data and Statistics

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Most of the East Asia and Pacific region's data and statistics for energy and mining are generated from the following internal and external sources. While we hope you might find the external links below useful, please note the World Bank is not responsible for the content of these websites.

World Bank Sources

World Development Indicators - Data Query. This database offers free access to a segment of the World Development Indicators (WDI) database, an extensive collection of data about development. This gives access to almost 1,200 indicators for all countries and all available years. You can choose several ways of displaying the data: index, percentage change, and graphs, and can export the result in standard formats. You can find data regarding C02 emissions (metric tons per capita), electric power consumption (kwh per capita), and energy use (kg of oil equivalent  per capita).

East Asia and Pacific Infrastructure Report - The statistical annex is intended to provide an overview of the state of economic infrastructure in the main developing countries of East Asia. It contains for selected years information on stock, access, affordability, efficiency, the state of reform, and financial performance of the energy, water supply and sanitation, telecom and transport sectors.
 Statistical Annex(123kb pdf)

Facts and Figures on World Bank Lending in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. A sample of accomplishments during FY05 (July 2004-June 2005). The World Bank has doubled renewable energy/energy efficiency commitments in 2005.

External Sources

International Energy Agency (IEA) Statistics. This website provides a range of key world energy statistics on the supply, transformation and consumption of all major energy sources. The website also provides oil data and research and development statistics. The International Energy Agency is an autonomous agency linked with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

BP Statistical Review of World Energy. This review, now in its 53rd year, aims to provide one important part of that fact base – recording, year by year, the production and consumption of all the main forms of energy on a global basis. The page provides statistical review downloads and access to charting the energy data or view the pre-set reports through an energy charting tool.

Energy Information Administration
 The website provides policy-independent data, forecasts, and analyses to promote sound policy making, efficient markets, and public understanding regarding energy and its interaction with the economy and the environment. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) is a statistical agency of the U.S. Department of Energy.

EarthTrends, the Environmental Information Portal (World Resources Institute). This is a comprehensive online database that focuses on the environment, social and economic trends that shape our world. This site presents information from world renowned data sources in multiple formats to meet the diverse needs of users. The Energy and Resources page provides searchable databases, country profiles and maps.

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