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Publications & Reports on Environment

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gef brouchureFebruary '12
The World Bank's GEF Program in East Asia and the Pacific - 
This publication highlights key aspects of the East Asian and Pacific countries' global environment work through the WBG/GEF partnership over the past two decades and looks into future opportunities.

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mongolia report

December '11
Mongolia: Air Quality Analysis of Ulaanbaatar Improving Air Quality to Reduce Health Impacts
 - The aim of this report is to inform decision makers about the sources of air pollution in Ulaanbaatar, the health damage caused by particular matter (PM), and the options for abatement  measures.  It intends to highlight the nature and scale of air pollution and associated health costs, and outline some possible interventions to address this issue.

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climate in numbersDecember '11
Climate Change in East Asia and Pacific: Our Work in Numbers - this brochure provides a vivid snapshot of our portfolio. It builds on three components-operations under implementation; operations under preparation; and analytical and advisory activities.  Our Work in Numbers showcases a range of projects and activities highlighting some of the most innovative and exciting work done in the region.

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EAP Update

East Asia Pacific Update
(March 2011) 


EAP Update


East Asia and Pacific Economic Update - Robust Recovery, Rising Risks



Global highlights



Doing Business 2011: Making a difference for entrepreneurs

WDR 2011


World Development Report 2011: Conflict, Security, and Development

International experience in policy and regulatory frameworks for brownfield site management - China: - Full report: English 
Overview of the current situation on brownfield remediation and redevelopment in  China - Full report: English 
Climate Risks and Adaptation in Asian Coastal Megacities:  - Full report: English 
Smart green infrastructure in tiger range countries: multi-level approach - Full report: English 

Mongolia - Air pollution in Ulaanbaatar - Full Report: English

The Impact and Adaptation Study - Climate Change in Bangkok Metropolitan Region Full Report: English

Water Supply Pricing in China: Economic Efficiency, Environment, and Social Affordability Full Report: English

Review and Analysis of the Pollution Impacts from Vietnamese Manufacturing Sectors Full Report: English

A Climate for Change in East Asia and the Pacific Full Report: English

Preparedness, Planning, and Prevention, Assessment of National Regional Efforts to Reduce Natural Disaster and Climate Change Risks in the Pacific
Full Report: English
Indonesia Country Environmental Analysis
Full Report: English | Bhasa 
Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng: Post-Disaster Needs Assessment Aceh Flood: Damage and Loss Assessment
Full Report: English
Pollution Impacts from Vietnamese Manufacturing Sector: Review and Analysis
Full Report: English| Vietnamese

Clean Development Mechanism in China: Taking a Proactive and Sustainable Approach
Full Report: English

County Analysis Report: Ethnicity and Development in Vietnam Full Report: English

Clean Development Mechanism in China - Five Years of Experience (2004-09) Full Report: English

Developing a Circular Economy in China: English 
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