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World Bank Websites

  World Bank Environment: Provides information on World Bank environment themes, strategy, activities, safeguard policies and publications.
  Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Aisa): CAI – Asia promotes and demonstrates innovative ways to improve the air quality of Asian cities through partnerships and sharing experiences.
  Global Environment Facility (GEF): This site contains information on participants, operational policies, projects, partners and other documents.
   World Bank Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA): World Bank information and resources to support the use of Strategic Environmental Assessment. 
  Montreal Protocol: Information on World Bank assistance to client countries in order to accomplish their ozone protection objectives.
  Asia Alternative Energy Program: Information on World Bank/GEF supported renewable energy and energy efficiency operations in Asia, best practices and lessons learned, background and strategies, and recently developed products.
  World Bank Biodiversity: Provides information on global World Bank initiavites to conserve biodiversity. 
  Faiths and Environment: Provides information on global World Bank initiavites with different faiths to address environmental issues.  
  Carbon Finance: Information on Carbon Finance markets, and World Bank activies and initiatives in this field.

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International Organizations

  Asian Development Bank (Environment): ADB environment site contains news / events, policy information, partnerships, environmental assessment reports, and publications.
  Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Environment) ASEAN environment page containing information on agreements, plan of action, working groups and press releases.
  ASEAN Review of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation (ARBEC): Web journal dedicated to the study of South East Asian Biodiversity.
  United Nations Environment Program (Asia): Information on UNEP activies in the EAP region.
  WCS Asia: Wlildlife Conservation Society information for Asia. 
  Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO): UN agency for food and agriculture, also specializing in forestry and fisheries.   

Other Programs

  Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES): Homepage for the CITES network, with links to resources and official documents.
  United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: Contains details of the Kyoto Protocol and associated meetings, workshops, official documents, and announcements.
   Developing Integrated Emission Strategies for Existing Land Transport Program (DIESEL) Provides reference tools and develops policies to reduce diesel vehicle pollution in Bangkok and throughout Thailand.
  Lao PDR Nam Theun 2 Hydroelectric Project: Information site for Nam Theun 2 dam project in Lao.
  Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund: CEPF provides strategic assistance to nongovernmental organizations, community groups and other civil society partners to help safeguard Earth’s biodiversity hotspots.

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Biodiversity Related Sites

  World Bank Biodiversity: Outlines World Bank Biodiversity portfolio with links to specific biodiversity project, tool and publication sites.
  FIELDIANAA search engine providing a synopsis of the mammalian fauna of the Philippine islands.
  Plant Resources of South East Asia (PROSEA): An international program focusing on the documentation and dissemination of information on plant resources of South East Asia.
  REEFBASE: Information system for coral reef management, research, monitoring, conservation and education.
  Convention on Biological Diversity: Provides convention text.
  Biblography on Conservation of Biodiversity: Approximately 4000 references on various aspects of biodiversity and conservation.
  Ecology, Biodiversity and the Environment - a virtual library: The Virtual Library of Ecology and Biodiversity specializes in reviewing internet information sources pertaining to ecology and biodiversity based on their educational value.

Cambodia Environment Sites

  UNDP Cambodia: Information on UNDP activies in Cambodia.
Cardamom Project: A non-profit whose goal is to protect the Cardamom Mountains region in southwest Cambodia from environmental damage caused by logging, hunting and poaching. Descriptions of the region, projects, events and how people can help.
  World Bank - Cambodia: World Bank country assistance information.

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China Environment Sites

  China Biodiversity Database: Information on China's biodiversity and endangered species.
  WWF China: Information on WWF activies in China.
  Chinese Government On-Line: Information on the Government of China - Chinese only.
  UNDP China: Information on UNDP activies in China.
  World Bank - China: World Bank country assistance information.

Indonesia Environment Sites

  Conservation International - Indonesia: Information on CI activities in Indonesia.
  WWF Indonesia: Information on WWF activities in Indonesia.
  Indonesian Government Portal: Main Indonesian Government portal providing access to ministries and departments (Indonesian). 
  Department of Agriculture: Information on agricultural systems and statistics.
  Ministry of Environment: News, press releases, publications and policy information.
  UNDP Indonesia: Information on UNDP activies in Indonesia.
  Forest Law Enforecement and Governance (FLEG): Initiatives and progress from the FLEG project, which is addressing Indonesian forestry issues.
  World Bank - Indonesia: World Bank country assistance information.

Lao PDR Environment Sites

  Lao National Mekong Committee: Information on river basin management committee.
  Nam Theun 2 Hydroelectric Project Developers Website: Information on proposed dam project. 
  Department of Environment: Information on Laos Environment agenda.  
  Science, Technology and Environment Agency: Information on Governmental environment ministries and units
  UNDP Lao-PDR: Information on UNDP activies in Laos.
  World Bank - Lao PDR: World Bank country assistance information.

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Mongolia Environment Sites

  Ministry of Environment: Information on legislation and policy affecting this sector (in Mongolian).
  Ministry of Food and Agriculture: Information on legislation and policy affecting this sector.
  World Bank - Mongolia: World Bank country assistance information.

Papua New Guinea Pacific Islands Environment Sites

  UNDP PNG: Information on UNDP activies in PNG.
  UNDP Pacific Islands: Information on UNDP activies in Pacific Islands.
  World Bank - Pacific Islands: World Bank country assistance information.
  World Bank - Papua New Guinea: World Bank country assistance information.

Philippines Environment Sites

  Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR): Provides a comprehensive overview of the projects and programs that help protect, enhance and preserve the natural resources of the Philippines.
  Environmental Management Bureau (EMB): Focuses on the laws and decrees for various aspects of the environment.
  Manila Observatory: One of the objecives of this institution is to measure pollutants.
  National Water Resources Board (NWRB): Water resource regions and water quantity and availability.
  Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR): Information on fishery laws and fishery resources, including production volume.
  Synopsis of the Mammalian Fauna of the Philippines: For each species a citation to the original description is provided, along with the English common name, the documented distribution, a summary of habitat data, and an assessment of conservation status.
  World Bank - Philippines: World Bank country assistance information

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Thailand Environment Sites

  Pollution Control Department: (in Thai) Information on solid, hazardous, and infectious waste management.
  Department of Health: Provides articles and research regarding environmental health, including health impacts from air pollution.
  Department of Environmental Quality Promotion (DEQP): (in Thai) Presents information on environment including environmental standards, laws, interesting articles, projects and also a list of environmental NGO's
  Thailand Environment Institute: Information on programs and ongoing initiatives.
  Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy Planning: Overview of state of Thai environment, environmental plans, policies and multilateral agreements.
  World Bank - Thailand: World Bank country assistance information.

Vietnam Environment Sites

  Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development: News and policy information for this part of the Vietnamese government.
  UNDP Vietnam: Information on UNDP activies in Vietnam.
  World Bank - Vietnam: World Bank country assistance information.
  Vietnam Environment Protection Agency: Link to Vietnam government environmental protection site.

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