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Technical Assistance and Projects (First Tranche)

Among the project proposals/notes received, the following  three studies (one of which consists of two components) proposed by four Chinese government agencies were selected and funded:
 The Study on National Climate Change Program and Provincial Case Studies implemented by China National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) with a funding of $750,000 from the Italian TF;
 Green National Accounting Study implemented by China State EPA (SEPA) with a funding of $ 350,000 from the Italian TF, and
 Circular Economy Study  with components on policy, legal, indicators, and selected sectoral studies. The policy component is implemented by SEPA and a legal component by the National People’s Congress of China (NPC) with a total funding of $900,000 from the Italian TF.   DFID and the Government of Korea also provided financial support to pilot projects.  

Italian Green National Accounting pic

Summary of the studies





Funding proposal finalized

Grant Agreement signed

Completion date*


Climate change program

September 2004

April 11, 2005

September 2007

Final version of national CC strategy, national CC program report, 4 provincial case studies, 6 workshops

Green accounting

September 2004

December 2, 2004

December 2006

Case study reports, methodology and operational guidelines, synthesis report, workshops

Circular economy legislation study

November 2004

February 3, 2005

September 2007

Draft circular economy law, policy recommendations and notes, pilot study reports, annual forum and international workshops, synthesis reports


environment logoChina National Climate Change Program

The Project supports the Government of China in developing its national climate change program (NCCP), which will assist the country to achieve sustainable social and economic development goals in a more climate friendly way. The formulation of the national climate change program will enable the GOC to enhance its efforts in climate change mitigation and adaptation, raise public awareness, and provide effective policy guidance on the nation’s long-term efforts for combating climate change. The project also contains an outreaching component which will be province-based and aim at disseminating the climate change mitigation measures identified in the NCCP to local stakeholders, particularly the policy makers in selected provinces. Through the dissemination efforts, comments and feedbacks will be collected from the provincial level stakeholders, lessons and experiences will be learned and shared, and the climate change concerns will be better integrated into development strategies.

Main Project Outputs:


 China National Climate Change Program (NCCP) White Paper (English / Chinese)

 The compilation of the National Climate Change Program and Provincial

Case Studies of Hubei, Shaanxi, Yunan and Jilin

(English / Chinese)


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environment logoGreen National Accounting Study


The Government of China has been trying to introduce new performance indicators, such as green or environmentally adjusted GDP, to better evaluate and guide economic development and promote sustainable development. This study assisted the Government of China in developing green national accounting systems. Through methodology research and case studies, this project established the framework of the green national accounting system, developed guidelines for valuing environmental costs, completed four case studies, and assisted GOC to produce the initial results of environmental accounting in China. This study also shared international experience on greening national accounts, including the SEEA of United Nations, the Genuine Saving of the World Bank and the integrated environmental and economic accounting of OECD countries. The main outputs of the study are the following:


Main Project Outputs:


  Final Report Establishment of China Green National Accounting System (English / Chinese)

  Framework of Green National Accounting System in China (English / Chinese)

  Review of international experience (English / Chinese)

  Techincial Guideline for Environmental and Economic Accounting of China (Chinese)

  China Environmental and Economic Accounting Report 2004 (Chinese)

  Four pilot case studies of Beijing City, Anhui Province, Guandong Province, and Shennongjia Forest District


Chinese translation:

World Bank. Where is the Wealth of Nations? China Environmental Science Press, 2006.


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environment logoCircular Economy Promotion Study

China   is trying hard to improve its efficiency of resources utilization, to promote the reuse and recycling of waste, and to establish a sustainable production and consumption model by promoting a circular economy. This study aims to support the government endeavor of promoting circular econo my nationwide. It analyzes the existing state of resource efficiency and the reuse and recycling of wastes through pilot projects, identifies institutional barriers for improving resource efficiency, introduces macro indicators for monitoring and enforcement, and proposes policy and institutional actions (including legislation) for the development of circular economy.  With the financial support of the Italian grant, the National Law of Circular Economy has been drafted.  It is expected to be reviewed and approved by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Committee in late 2007.  DFID and the Government of Korea also provided financial supports to the circular economy indicators study and pilot projects.

Main Project Outputs:

 World Bank Policy Note - Developing a Circular Economy in China: Highlights and Recommendations  (English / Chinese) 

Circular Economy Performance Indicators


  The Application and Analyses of Circular Economy Indicators in China (English / Chinese)

  The Establishment of Circular Economy Indicators  (English / Chinese)

  Materials Flow Accounts in 2000-2004 ( English / Chinese)

  Materials Flow Accounts: Technical Guidelines ( English / Chinese)

  International Experience in Establishing Indicators for the Circular Economy and Considerations for China ( English)


Circular Economy Legislation


 International Workshop on Circular Economy Legislation (Agenda)

  Draft Final Study Report (including the draft China Circular Economy Law) ( English / Chinese )

  Review of international experience in circular economy legislation (Executive SummaryFull Report pdf)


Circular Economy Policy


  Draft Final Report: Policy Recommendations for Promoting Circular Economy in China ( English / Chinese)

  Review of international experience in circular economy policy (English)

  Sector Report: Development of circular economy of chemical industry (in Chinese)

  Sector Report: Promoting the reuse and recycle of electronic waste (in Chinese)

  Policy Proposals for Promoting Wastes Recycling and Reuse (in Chinese)

  Report of ecological zoning of functional districts and circular economy

  Simulation and Analysis of Circular Economy Promotion Policies


Circular Economy Pilot Projects


  Circular Economy in the Chinese Steel Industry: Case Studies of Two Pilot Enterprises (English/Chinese)

  Circular Economy Pilot Enterprises in the Non-ferrous Metals Industry: Progress and Policy Recommendations (English/Chinese

  Circular economy application in industrial parks: a case study in Harbin City (English)

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