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Regional Environmental Assessment of the Southern Gobi Region

Gabi Mongolia PublicationThe primary objective of the Southern Gobi Regional Environmental Assessment (REA) is to provide guidance for
sustainable management of environmental
resources in the future development of the Southern Gobi Region (SGR),development that will be led by rapid expansion of mining.

The REA defines two development scenarios—a base-case and a high-case—and explores their direct and indirect impacts on the natural environment, taking into account the opportunities, constraints, and vulnerabilities of the Gobi natural systems; the individual and cumulative direct environmental impacts and potential indirect impacts of the planned development; and, at a general level, the institutional capacity to manage the impacts.

The REA target audience includes Government officials at central, regional, and local levels; private sector investors and the consultants who are engaged for project design and environmental impact assessment; development finance organizations; and Mongolian civil society.

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