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The World Bank Board of Directors approved a credit of US$70 million for the second Vietnam Climate Change Development Policy Operation, part of a series of three operations to support Vietnam’s institutional development which will help the country respond to climate change.

Press Release




PROJECT - Vietnam Second Climate Change Development Policy Operation -The development objective of the project is to support the Government of Vietnam in its efforts to address climate change by adopting policies and strengthening institutional capacity to promote climate resilient and lower carbon intensity development. |more




 STORY - Indonesia Learning from Disasters - Natural disasters have reshaped Indonesia’s approach to disaster response and preparedness, and made communities more resilient. Due to its location, Indonesia will always be prone to natural disasters and its people are always at risk. | more 

PRESS RELEASE - 43rd Pacific Island Forum - The World Bank welcomed the high priority that the Pacific Islands Forum placed on oceans, a critical issue for the region and the world. Focusing on 'Large Ocean Island States - the Pacific Challenge', next week the 43rd Pacific Islands Forum will explore how best to manage the world’s largest ocean to deliver the greatest benefits to the region. | more 





 STORY - Sanitation Project Overcomes Challenges to Transform Polluted Canal into Clean Waterway - In Vietnam, 1.2 million people have better sanitation conditions thanks to a newly transformed and clean canal under the Ho Chi Minh City Environmental Sanitation project supported by the World Bank. | more 


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