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  • January 2004: first cases reported
  • Jan.-Mar. 2004: 155,000 poultry were killed or died
  • No new avian flu cases have arisen and no human cases were reported since then.





For updated information on human cases, see the World Health Organization's situation updates and  confirmed human cases. For updates on animal cases, see the  Food and Agriculture Organization's Avian Influenza bulletin, based on the  World Organization for Animal Health's (OiE) reports.








The government of Lao PDR has taken a proactive approach to the epidemic by preparing an integrated National Avian Influenza Control and Pandemic Preparedness Plan with support from FAO and WHO, among others. 


A Communicable Disease Control (CDC) Secretariat has been set up, which services the National Committee for CDC (chaired by the Prime Minister); the Secretariat, chaired by the Minister of Health and co-chaired by the United Nations Resident Coordinator, meets on a quarterly basis, indicating the collaborative efforts of the Government and the development partners in Lao PDR.


At the working level, the National Avian Influenza Coordination Office (NAHICO) is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the National Plan indicates an awareness of the multi-sectoral nature of the threat.  Responsibility for implementing the National Plan rests with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for animal health, the Ministry of Health for human health, and NAHICO coordinates the efforts of the cross-sectoral activities to be implemented by, among others, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, mass organizations and mass media. 
The National Plan, with an estimated cost of US$14 million, is receiving support from a number of sources, including the World Bank’s Avian and Human Influenza Control and Preparedness Program which will provide funding of US$4 million in the form of an IDA Grant, US$2 million from a Japanese Policy and Human Resource Development grant, and US$2 million from the multi-donor trust fund, the Avian and Human Influenza Facility.


The overall development objective of the Project is to minimize the threat posed to humans and the poultry sectors by highly pathogenic avian influenza infection and other "zoonoses" (any disease and/or infection which is naturally transmissible from vertebrate animals to man) in Lao PDR, and to prepare for, control, and respond to influenza pandemics and other infectious disease emergencies in humans. 



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