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  • Dec. 2003: First cases in poultry and humans reported .
  • Dec. 2003- Aug.2005: 45 million birds culled, leading to a 0.5 percent reduction in GDP in 2004.
  • Vietnam has been one of the hardest hit of East Asian countries, with a total of 93 confirmed human cases and 42 deaths.
  • No new outbreaks reported since fall 2005 --after aggressive government action characterized by strong political commitment, culling, and ‘ring vaccinating', along with community awareness.
  • 2006: No human cases of the virus reported, according to statistics from the Department of Animal Health in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.


For updated information on human cases, see the World Health Organization's situation updates and confirmed human cases. For updates on animal cases, see the Food and Agriculture Organization's Avian Influenza bulletin, based on the World Organization for Animal Health's (OiE) reports.









TheAvian Influenza Emergency Recovery Project, approved in August 2004, for a total project cost of US$6.2 million will close in June 2007. Its development objectives were threefold in support of the National Action Plan for the control of Avian Influenza Epidemic:

  1. to strengthen disease surveillance and diagnostic capacity in the control of HPAI;
  2. to strengthen the poultry sector infrastructure to better cope with serious disease outbreaks; and
  3. to safeguard human health by improving public awareness and information.

Moving onto the second phase of the AHI program, the objective of the upcoming Avian and Human Influenza Control and Preparedness Project will be to increase the effectiveness of Government services in reducing the health risk to poultry and humans from avian influenza in eleven high priority provinces.  In this way, the project will contribute to addressing HPAI at the national level by controlling the disease at source in domestic poultry, by early detection and response to poultry and human cases, and by preparing for the medical consequences of a human pandemic. 


Total project costs are estimated to amount to US$38.0 million.


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