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Blue bullet-arrow  Financing Needs and Gaps  (130kb pdf) - Draft
December 21, 2005
This paper quantifies the possible costs of responding to avian and human influenza at the country, regional, and global levels over a three-year period, and estimates the financing gaps developing countries of different income levels could face at different phases of the disease.

Blue bullet-arrow  Multidonor Financing Framework  (427 kb pdf)
January 12, 2006
This report was prepared for the International Pledging Conference on Avian and Human Influenza (AHI) that took place in Beijing, China on January 17-18, 2006. The document outlines a financing framework linked to a set of currently identified priority funding needs. However, given the nature of the disease, these funding needs can change rapidly, notably if new outbreaks of the disease are not addressed in a timely fashion. 

The financing framework is designed to be flexible enough to address such funding needs as they emerge. In addition, the framework needs to be adaptable and sustainable over the longer term to support the countries in priority activities that will take more time to implement. Under the framework, longer-term goals in fighting AHI would be identified, monitored, and supported.

Blue bullet-arrow  Global Program for Avian Influenza Control and Human Pandemic Preparedness and Response (504kb pdf) - Program Framework Document for Proposed Loans/Credits/Grants.
December 5, 2005
The continuing outbreaks of the highly pathogenic avian influenza, which begun in late 2003 in several Southeast Asian countries and have occurred more recently in Europe, have been disastrous to the poultry industry in the two regions and have raised serious global public health concerns.  Recent increases in the number of known cases of avian influenza transmission have raised concerns over the potential emergence of a human pandemic, which could have devastating effects on human health and livelihoods. Economic losses to the Asian poultry sector alone are already estimated at around US$10 billion. The rural poor, who rely for a larger share of their income on poultry, have been particularly hard hit with income losses.

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 Blue bullet-arrow The Global Economic and Financial Impact of the Avian Flu Pandemic - Role of the IMF
Feburary 28, 2006
There is growing concern about the possibility of an avian flu pandemic and its implications for humans and the global economic and financial system. This report aims at providing a preliminary assessment of the risks and potential impacts of such pandemic and the role of the IMF. The policy recommendations focus on the need to mitigate risks associated with avian flu. It is difficult to extrapolate predictions about behavior from previous pandemics into today’s world since global integration with rapid transport and mass communication may increase some risks, while better public health systems and drugs may act in the other direction. This document will be updated on a periodic basis.

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