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Inter-Regional Knowledge Sharing Seminars


Forming a Global Knowledge Partnership on Avian and Human Influenza



The World Bank is pleased to offer a series of inter-regional distance learning seminars whereby institutions, governments, technical agencies, donors, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders around the world can regularly discuss topics that are of high priority when dealing with Avian and Human Influenza (AHI) preparedness.

The seminars will provide officials with an opportunity to raise common challenges, seek the experience and guidance of their counterparts in other countries and regions and the opportunity to share good practices and lessons that have been learned.

The seminars demonstrate the value of a forum in which practitioners and stakeholders can share lessons, experience and existing practice while also offering the opportunity for useful collective thinking in areas where practice is still emerging.

Lao rural family"Stopping or controlling avian flu is a true global public good, which all countries have an interest in acquiring. These seminars provide an opportunity for countries to share their experiences, exchange views on the specific challenges they face, learn about the solutions that other countries have adopted, and bring issues to the attention of concerned policymakers worldwide,"  said Jim Adams, Vice President, World Bank Operations and Country Services in support of this effort.

Topics to be covered in this seminar series include integrated country programs; communications and the structuring of effective public awareness campaigns; guidance on the use of vaccination and the development of compensation systems; an assessment of the socioeconomic impacts of AHI; surveillance and control measures during an outbreak; pandemic preparedness planning; ensuring timely confirmation of laboratory results; and licensing of pharmaceuticals.

Lao rural familyDr. David Nabarro, Assistant Secretary General and Senior United Nations System Influenza Coordinator said: "What an excellent initiative by  the World Bank... through this kind of dialogue, the UN can learn how to better assist countries in their preparation. I am delighted to hear that countries would like to continue to be engaged."

All information, supporting materials and resources that are developed for use in these seminars will be made available to the Bank and its partners for other applications and uses, as appropriate.

It is intended that this seminar series will better enable the Bank and its partners to strengthen their approach to knowledge and capacity building on AHI issues around the world.


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