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VN Poultry markets

Poultry Markets Rebound, Anti-AHI Measures Set Worldwide Model

The Bank is helping local communities to rebuild poultry markets to support local sellers and to improve hygiene conditions.
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Bullet Avian Flu in Vietnam
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GDLN Seminar

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Seminar on AHI Compensation Policies
February 13, 2007


The Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza is now considered to be endemic in many parts of East Asia. More
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BulletHomeLAC Enhancing Control of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Developing Countries through Compensation, 2006

BulletHomeLAC AHI: Update on Financing Needs and Gaps, December 2006, (draft doc),

BulletHomeLAC   Responses to AHI Threats: Progress, Analysis and Recommendations, July - December 2006 (draft second status report pdf)

BulletHomeLAC Responses to AHI Threats: Progress, Analysis and Recommendations, Jan. - June 2006 (first status report pdf)

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BulletHomeLAC Six Grants Totaling US$28 million Approved by Facility to Fight Avian Flu 

BulletHomeLAC Bamako Meeting Keeps Focus on Influenza Threat

BulletHomeLAC Bamako Declaration (pdf)

BulletHomeLAC Seminar Series on Avian & Human Influenza

BulletHomeLAC  Latest Bank news on Avian and Human Influenza in the East Asia & Pacific Region

BulletHomeLAC  Main WB Avian and Human Influenza Website

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