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East Asia and Pacific Regional Agribusiness Trade and Investment Conference

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The World Bank together with International Finance Corporation organized the first EAP Regional Agribusiness Trade and Investment Conference “Agroenterprise without Borders”, in Singapore on July 30-31, 2009. 

The objective was to initiate a multi-country, public-private long-term effort to stimulate increased intra-regional trade and investment in the agrifood sector of East Asia, consistent with best practices in critical areas such as land-extensive agroenterprise, cluster and value chain development, and assured compliance with food safety, environmental and social standards.

A total of 171 participants attended, representing a mix of public trade, development and regulatory agencies, private companies involved in agribusiness or supporting it, and civil society organizations that represent producers or processors or that focus on key themes such as sustainability.

In addition to two days of presentations and discussion, the event included a working dinner jointly organized with the APEC Food Safety Cooperation Forum to discuss public-private collaboration for food safety.


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Thursday - July 30 - Friday July 31, 2009

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 DAY 1

Holiday Inn Atrium, Singapore

Open Remarks, by Moderator Djordjija Petkoski, Ph.D., Lead Specialist and Head of Business, Competitiveness, and Development Team, World Bank Institute, Washington, DC.



Welcome to Singapore, by H.E. Mr.. Lee Yi Shyan, Minister of State for Trade & Industry, Singapore.

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Agribusiness as Engine for Poor Economic Growth and Rural Prosperity - Thomas Bauer, Regional Head of Food and Agribusiness Research, Rabobank, Singapore, with Ronnie S. Natawidjaja, Ph.D., Director, Center for Agrifood Policy and Agribusiness Studies, Research Institute, Padjadjaran University, Bandung, Indonesia as discussant.


Agribusiness in the World Bank Group, by Patrick Labaste, Lead Agricultural Economist, EASER, World Bank, and Vipul Prakash, Manager (Asia and Africa), Agribusiness Department, IFC, Washington, DC.



Enhancing Competitiveness in Agri-food Products through Cluster Development and Value-adding Innovation by Ruud Valyasevi, Ph.D., Researcher, National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Chairman, Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Sub-Committee on Food Science and Technology, National Science and Technology Development Agency, Bangkok, Thailand, with Ganesh Kishore, Ph.D., CEO, Malaysian Life Sciences Fund, Burrill & Company, as discussant of financing of innovation.




Global and Regional Food Security Challenges, Now and In the Future, by John Lamb, Agribusiness Team Leader, World Bank, Washington DC, with Thijs Wissink, Food Security Specialist, Directorate General for External Relations, European Community, Brussels as discussant.



Public Policy Responses to the Food Security Challenges in East Asia, by Nipon Poapongsakorn, Ph.D., Thailand Development Research Institute and Fatimah Mohamed Arshad, Ph.D., Institut Kajian Dasar Pertanian dan Makanan (IKDPM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Malaysia.



Private Sector Perspectives on Meeting the Food Needs of the East Asian Region, by a panel consisting of: Francisco Rosales, MD, Sc.D., Research Director, Clinical Operations and Nutrition, Abbott Nutrition Asia Research & Development, Singapore; Bruce Blakeman,Vice President of Corporate Affairs – Asia Pacific, Cargill, Singapore; Roger Yeo Kok Tong, former CEO, Singapore Food Industries, Singapore; and Veiverne Yuen, Senior Analyst/Manager for Southeast Asia, Rabobank, Indonesia.




Meeting Consumer Needs and Preferences through Better Supply Chain Management, by Sanjeev Asthana, President and Chief Executive, Reliance Fresh, India, and Paul Cuyegkeng, CEO, Sumifru Corporation, Malaysia.



Value Chain Approaches to Agroenterprise Development, by David Anderson, Team Leader, Agribusiness Market and Support Activity, Indonesia; and Azizi Meor Ngah, CEO, Malaysia Agrifood Corporation, Malaysia.



Large Area Approaches to Agroenterprise Development, by Kazim Kemal-Ur-Rahim, Marketing and Agribusiness Officer, Asia and Pacific Service, Investment Centre Division, Food Agriculture Organization (FAO), Rome and Roger Yeo Kok Tong, former CEO, Singapore Food Industries, Singapore.

Linking Smallholders to Modern Markets: Innovations, Opportunities, Challenges, by Thomas Reardon, Ph.D, Professor of Agricultural Economics, Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics, Michigan State University; with Ernest E. Bethe III, Program Manager, International Finance Corporation (IFC), Indonesia as discussant.



Global Burden of Food borne Diseases, by Dr. Claudia Stein, MD, PhD, FFPH, Medical Officer (Epidemiologist), Food Safety, Zoonoses and Food borne Diseases, World Health Organization.ClaudiaStein.pdf 
Public-Private Collaboration for Food Safety: A Critical Step Forward in the EAP Region and Beyond, by Robert Brackett, Ph.D., Chief Scientist & Reulatory Officer, Grocery Manufacturers Association and former Director of Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, USA.
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Opening Remarks, by Moderator Djordjija Petkoski, Ph.D., Lead Specialist and Head of Business, Competitiveness, and Development Team, World Bank Institute, Washington, DC.
Meeting the Agricultural Science & Technology Challenges of the 21st Century, by Ganesh Kishore, Ph.D., former Chief Biotechnology Officer at DuPont and Assistant Chief Scientist and Chief Biotechnologist at Monsanto, to be followed by a panel consisting of (a) Peter Pickering, Head of Seeds Division, Syngenta Asia Pacific, Singapore; (b) John Winski, Assistant General Counsel (Asia Pacific), Monsanto, Singapore; and (c) Arun Baral, Regional Business Director, Asia Pacific, Dupont Agriculture and Nutrition, Singapore. 



Agri-food Standards in the EU: Will Asian Markets Follow a Similar Path? by Steve Homer, Bios Partners UK. SteveHomer.pdf 
Integrated Farm Assurance using GlobalGAP, by Nigel Garbutt, Chairman/President, GlobalGAP, Germany, with Hans Maurer, D.B.A, Chairman of the International Federation for Produce Standards, New Zealand as discussant.NigelGarbutt.pdf 
The Global Food Safety Initiative: A Private Benchmarking Scheme, by Catherine Francois, Ph.D., Director of Food Safety Programs, Global Food Safety Initiative, CIES Business Forum, France, with James How, Ph.D., Asia Regional Director for Corporate Food Safety & Regulatory Affairs, Cargill Investments (China) Ltd as discussant.



The Global Halal Food Market and Updates on the Globally-Recognized Halal Standard, by Darhim Hashem, CEO, International Halal Integrity Alliance, Malaysia and Irfan Sungkar, Industry Advisor, World Halal Forum, Malaysia, with Cedomir Nestorovic, Associate Professor, ESSEC Business School of Paris and Singapore as discussant.



The Emergence of Private Standards: Challenges and Opportunities as Seen by the SPS Committee, by Marlynne Hopper, Secretariat of the Standards and Trade Development Facility, WTO, Geneva, Q&A, with Steve McCutcheon, CEO, Food Standards Australia/New Zealand (also Co-chair, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Food Safety Cooperation Forum) and Jean Kamanzi, DVM, Director of Food Safety Division, Canadian Food Safety Agency, as discussants.MarlynneHopper.pdf 

The Buyer’s Perspective on Agri-food Standards, by Sanjeev Asthana, President and Chief Executive, Agribusiness and Food Supply Chain, Reliance Retail, India; Ana Hooper, Vice-President, Quality Control, Darden Restaurants, USA; and Yin Yin Chin, Quality & Hygiene Division Manager, Carrefour, Malaysia.





The Supplier’s Perspective on Agri-food Standards, by Paul Cuyegkeng, CEO, Sumifru Cooperation, Malaysia, speaking as a grower/shipper/ distributor. PaulCuyegkeng.pdf
Evolution of the Roundtable on Sustainable Oil Palm (RSPO) as a Multi-purpose Standard Scheme, by Vengeta Rao, Ph.D., Chairman, RSPO, with Kok Kam Sang, Consultant, World Bank (formerly Head of Corporate and Government Affairs at Malaysia Palm Oil Association and Senior Executive at FELCRA Berhad) as discussant.VengetaRao.pdf 
Toward a Global Consensus on Land-Extensive Agro-enterprise in Developing Countries by John Lamb and Steve Homer, with Abu Bakar Ibrahim, Director, Strategy and Research, Khazanah Nasional berhad, Malaysia as discussant.JohnLamb2.pdf 
The Role of NGOs in Ensuring Sustainability and Adding Value Through Certification: The Rainforest Alliance Experience with Coffee, Cocoa, Tea and Bananas, by Leif Pedersen, Senior Manager, Sustainable Coffee, Costa Rica.LeifPedersen.pdf 
“Agroenterprise without Borders: The Next Generation Approach to Regional Agribusiness and Food Security”, by John Lamb, World Bank.  
Next Steps for Sustainable, Inclusive and Responsible Agroenterprise Development in the EAP Countries. Summation by Karin Finkelston, IFC, Hong Kong. 
Closing Remarks by Moderator Djordjija Petkoski, Ph.D., Lead Specialist and Head of Business, Competitiveness and Development Team, World Bank Institute, Washington, DC. Back to top
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