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food security
"Agriculture Transformation & Food Security Strategies 2040" -  side event theme of the Annual Meetings of the IMF and World Bank to discuss the findings of a study conducted by JICA focusing on food security strategy in the three counties in  (ASEAN) - Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. 

pacific island
INITIATiVE Disaster Risk Reduction and Financing in the Pacific - the Pacific Islands Countries (PICs), with a combined population of almost 10 million people, are highly exposed to natural disasters. In 2007, the World Bank established the Pacific Catastrophe Risk Assessment and Financing Initiative (PCRAFI) to develop disaster risk assessments tools and practical technical and financial applications to reduce and mitigate the countries' vulnerability to natural disasters. | more 

green growth
REPORT- Greening China’s Rural Energy
New Insights on the Potential of Smallholder Biogas
 - Clean, safe energy for rural areas is an important component of green growth and sustainable development. Biogas could be an important contributor, if its record in reality lives up to its expected potentia.  This paper provides a preliminary assessment of biogas use by smallholder farmers in rural China, using data
collected from 2,700 households in five provinces. | report (.pdf) 

agriculture project samoa

PROJECT -  Samoa Agriculture Competitiveness Enhancement Project - Agriculture plays a critical role in the Samoan economy, employing around two-thirds of the national labor force and supporting 18,000 rural households. Despite strong economic performance, gaps in income have grown between the urban and rural populations. | more 


PRESS RELEASE  -  Reducing Vulnerability of Rural Communities in Mongolia - The Sustainable Livelihoods Project II (2008-2012) is the second part of a three-phase program, which aims to enhance livelihood security and sustainability by scaling up institutional mechanisms that reduce the vulnerability of communities throughout Mongolia. | more 

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