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Many of the World Bank's publications are available free of charge online through this website. For free access in person, visit the World Bank InfoShop or local depository libraries. Publications can also be purchased through local book distributors.

Featured Publications & Reports
Kalahi-CIDSS pub pagePhilippines - The KALAHI-CIDSS Impact Evaluation: A synthesis Report - the report presents the main results from the final quantitative and qualitative impact evaluations as well as from other studies that were carried out throughout project implementation.

Impact Evaluation-KALAHI-CIDSS Final Survey -  the report presents the findings from the final Impact Evaluation of KALAHI-CIDSS that was carried out by the Asia-Pacific Policy Center in 2010.


AechStudy on Gender Impacts of Land Titling in Post-Tsunami Aceh - The premise of this research study is that the gender aspects of women’s access to land and property rights cannot be understood solely as an administrative or procedural issue, but should be considered a part of the broader social and cultural dimensions.


CDD pubcover

Community-driven development in post-conflict and conflict-affected areas : experiences from East Asia - Community-driven development (or CDD) projects are now a major component of World Bank assistance to many developing countries.  While varying greatly in size, form and at times sectoral focus, such projects aim to ensure that communities have substantive control in deciding how project funds should be used.  The proponents of CDD believe that giving beneficiaries the power to manage project resources will lead to more efficient and effective use of financial resources. This report briefly reviews the World Bank's experience of using CDD in conflict-affected and post-conflict areas of the East Asia and Pacific region.

social impactsAnalyzing the Social Impacts of Disasters - The Methodology (vol. I) is aimed primarily at teams conducting social impact analysis and local research partners, but also has guidance for Post‐Disaster Needs  Assessments coordinators and government; and Tools (vol. II) is aimed at teams conducting social impact analysis and local research partners. It contains further practical and operational resources. |Methodology  | Tools 
cambodiaPUBCambodia: Linking Citizens and the State - Governance is recognized as the most critical challenge for development in Cambodia. Good governance requires not just government commitment but active demand from citizens and civil society. Social accountability refers to the broad range of actions and mechanisms (beyond voting) that citizens can use to help the government be more effective and accountable, as well as actions on the part of government, civil society, media, and other societal actors that promote or facilitate these efforts.

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Featured Publications
KALAHI-CIDSS Impact Evaluation: A synthesis report
Impact Evaluation KALAHI-CIDSS Final Survey
Community-Driven Development in Post-Conflict and Conflict Affected Areas: Experiences from East Asia
Country Social Analysis: Ethnicity and Development in Vietnam

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