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Tsunami Recovery in East Asia and Pacific


The December 26 earthquake and tsunami devastated the lives of millions of people, leaving a wake of destruction from Asia to Africa. This was the worst natural disaster in Indonesia's history, and
Aceh and North Sumatra suffered the most. Over 110,000 people lost their lives, an estimated 700,000 people were displaced, and many orphaned. The scale of the damages to the local economy, infrastructure, and administration were unprecedented. In an instant, the livelihoods and security of hundreds of thousands of the survivors were ruined.

The Bank is closely involved in supporting the recovery efforts in Aceh and Nias provinces, as well as in Yogyakarta, following the devastating earthquake in 2006.

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T-LAC Helps Protect Rights of Tsunami Victims
Sep. 7, 2007
TH Legal help for tsunami victims

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A Hope for a New Life: Two Years after the Tsunami
Jan. 09, 2007

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Thailand One-Year Later
Dec. 2005

bullet squareHelping Communities Cope with Longer-Term Needs
Jun. 21, 2005
bullet squareWorld Bank, Japan Social Development Fund Sign Agreements for Thailand Tsunami Response Partnership
Sep. 12, 2005



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