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Focus Areas

The World Bank is helping its East Asia and Pacific (EAP) client countries come to terms with many complex social challenges. The themes listed below represent the main areas of this engagement and reflect the most pressing social issues that warrant attention.  Links to resource materials are provided on each page. Selected reports and publications on the topics are also featured.

  Community Driven Development (CDD): Brief on the rationale for CDD operations and information resources for ongoing projects in Indonesia and the Philippines.

  Conflict: Background on conflict issues in the EAP region and the World Bank's policies with respect to this issue.

  Gender: Overview of the progress and remaining challenges with respect to Gender issues, such as gender mainstreaming, in the EAP region.

  Safeguards: Two of the key social development safeguard policies are Involuntary Resettlement and Indigenous Peoples. This page gives and overview of their objectives and implementation.

  Youth: This important demographic group accounts for a large share of the EAP population and faces many social challenges such as high levels of unemployment and increased levels of vulnerability. This page gives an overview of the Bank's youth activities and some country specific examples.   

  Demand for Good Governance: The EAP region has experienced rapid economic growth and social change, but governance remains a significant challenge.

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