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Gender Equality in East Asia and Pacific

This report looks at the track record of progress on women’s empowerment in the East Asia and Pacific region, especially in the context of the evolving economic and political environment.  The paper coincides with the ten-year anniversary of the Beijing World Conference on Women and focuses on changes since then, within the context of broad trends over the last forty years. Since the 1960s many East Asian countries have invested heavily in human development and have reaped the benefits in terms of economic growth and improved social indicators. Aggregate regional indicators show the dramatic improvements in the health and education of women that have occurred over the last forty years.

This special focus report on gender equality is part of the latest East Asia and Pacific Regional Update, the World Bank’s twice-yearly look at the region’s economies. 

  Download the report:  Gender Equality in East Asia: Progress and the Challenges of Economic Growth and Political Change (500kb pdf)

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