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Philippines KALAHI - CIDSS Project

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Implemented in 2003, the KALAHI-CIDSS** is a community-driven development project that aims to empower communities through their enhanced participation in community projects that reduce poverty.

Within 6 years, the project aims to cover 25 percent of the poorest municipalities in the poorest 42 (out of 79) provinces of the Philippines, equivalent to more than 4,000 villages in 182 municipalities. It strengthens community participation in local governance and develops local capacity to design, implement, and manage development activities. Community grants are used to support the building of low-cost, productive infrastructure such as roads, water systems, clinics, and schools.

Using a competitive process, villagers select projects from an open menu and prioritize them for funding. Good local-resource mobilization is demonstrated by the high contribution of villagers and their local governments. KALAHI-CIDSS has trained thousands of villagers in project planning, technical design, and financial management and procurement, thus building a cadre of future leaders at the local level. Most important, the project provides villagers with structured opportunities for accessing information, expressing their opinions, and influencing local governance.

Building on a number of favorable conditions, the KALAHI-CIDSS implementation experience confirms that the most important risk management strategies are strong supervision, structured learning, and the flexibility to adjust actions to fit experience. Despite its explosive success, the project achievements need to be strengthened and sustained over time. This is being done through strict adherence to project rules, strengthening of stakeholder networks, ongoing constituency-building efforts, and continuous impact assessment.

**KALAHI = Kapitbisig Laban sa Kahirapan (Linking Arms against Poverty)
**CIDSS = Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services

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