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Dzud is the Mongolian term for a severe winter weather disaster that places livestock and pastoral livelihoods (the mainstay of the rural economy) at risk. In the severe dzud  of 2010, around 20% of Mongolia's livestock perished, affecting the livelihoods of over a quarter of the country's human population. The World Bank's Social Development Department and East Asia Region jointly sponsored a two-year study, funded by TFESSD, to learn lessons from this dzud that would inform and help strengthen ongoing efforts to build social resilience to climate risk.


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STORY - The Poverty Reduction Fund (PRF) builds capacity among the rural poor, especially women and ethnic groups. Its approach aims to help the beneficiaries assess their own needs and provide support in the planning, managing, and implementation of their own public investments in a decentralized and transparent manner. In short, the project puts the community in the driver’s seat. | story | project 

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REPORT - Philippines - The KALAHI-CIDSS Impact Evaluation: A synthesis Report - the report presents the main results from the final quantitative and qualitative impact evaluations as well as from other studies that were carried out throughout project implementation. | report  


REPORT  - Impact Evaluation KALAHI-CIDSS Final Survey - the report presents the findings from the final Impact Evaluation of KALAHI-CIDSS that was carried out by the Asia-Pacific Policy Center in 2010. | report



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