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Social Development Data and Statistics

The World Bank has several web-based electronic databases that provide access to a range of social information and data that can support users in improving the design and performance of projects and programs. Below are links to data sets that include country, regional and global data on specific social subjects such as population, poverty, labor, disability and gender.

We also provide links to external data sources. While we hope you might find the external links below useful, please note the World Bank is not responsible for the content of these websites.

World Bank Sources

Data by Topic. Selected topics below are given special focus and have online databases. Links to country summary tables as well as their online databases are provided. For other topics, key indicators from the World Development Indicators database and links to additional online data sources are provided.
 Childhood Development
 Labor and Employment
 Social Development

PovertyNet.  The Data and Tools section of PovertyNet provides information on recent trends in poverty indicators and links to sources of data on poverty. The data contained are particularly useful for poverty analysis, poverty monitoring, and impact evaluation.

World Development Indicators - Data Query. This database offers free access to a segment of the World Development Indicators database, an extensive collection of data about development. This segment includes 54 timeseries indicators for 208 countries and 18 groups, spanning the latest 5 years available. You can choose several ways of displaying the data: index, percentage change, and graphs, and can export the result in standard formats. You can find data regarding income distribution, gender inequality, literacy rates, malnutrition prevalence, poverty headcount, population growth, and more.
 WDI 2005 table 1.2  MDGs: eradicating poverty and improving lives

External Sources

Millenium Development Goals Indicators Database.  This site presents the official data, definitions, methodologies and sources for the 48 indicators to measure progress towards the Millennium Development Goals. The data and analysis are the product of the work of the Inter-agency and Expert Group (IAEG) on MDG Indicators, coordinated by the United Nations Statistics Division. At this site, you will also find the official progress reports and documents produced by IAEG. Links to related sites and documents and constantly updated news will keep you up to date with ongoing activities on MDG monitoring.

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