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transport forum 2001

The past decade has witnessed great changes in China. Facing the challenges of rapid urbanization and modernization, focuses have been shifted away from capacity expansion of primary facilities in rural and urban areas to the sustainable transport. Through introducing innovative ideas, practices and capacity building, and institutional reform/development, we are helping our clients to shape the future vision.



Green Trucks

STORY -  Guangzhou Green Trucks Pilot Project on YouTube. To support Guangzhou's efforts to improve air quality in preparation for the 2010 Asian Games, the World Bank and CAI-Asia Center recently carried out a Green Trucks Pilot Project. Watch more on YouTube. EnglishChinese


STORY -  New Study Provides Solutions to Beijing's Transport Needs. A study has been concluded to enable Beijing to meet its growing travel needs and to demonstrate how bus services in Beijing could be made more efficient. More

Round table meetingSTORY -  World Bank Mission confirmed progress on Green Truck Project in Guangzhou, China. The pilot project was in support of Guangzhou's effort to improve air quality as part of the preparation for the 2010 Asian Games.  More

Jiangxi HIV

STORY -  New strategies for HIV/AIDS education include edu-tainment about condoms, testing and practicing safety in relationships.   More
HIV/AIDS in East Asia