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East Asia and Pacific Newsletter: Innovation and jobs in Thailand; improving water quality in Indonesia's rivers; ensuring environmental protection in Mongolia; Samoa's first Country Partnership Strategy; More...

World Bank APRIL 2, 2012
East Asia and Pacific
In Thailand, Innovation and Skills Will Generate More Jobs  
In Thailand, Innovation and Skills Will Generate More Jobs

Enhancing work skills and increasing innovation will produce higher incomes and reduce poverty in Thailand.

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World Bank Gets High Marks from Australian Multilateral Assessment

Australian Multilateral Assessment recognizes the World Bank as a leader in transparency and for contribution to the wider multilateral development system. Read more

Spotlight on Inequality: Why We Should Care

Inequality is of growing concern to people in rich as well as poor countries. In several Asian nations, inequality has risen amid unprecedented economic growth. Read more

Disclosure of Assets and Income by Public Officials Is Crucial to Curbing Corruption, Finds New StAR Study

The first global study of financial disclosure laws and practices, “Public Office, Private Interests: Accountability through Income and Asset Disclosure” finds that asset disclosure systems are more effective when there is a credible threat that violations will be detected and punished. Read more

Governance and Anti-corruption Remain Integral to World Bank’s Work

The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors endorsed the Bank’s updated governance and anti-corruption strategy and implementation plan as an integral part of the work to improve development effectiveness, reduce poverty and promote economic growth. Read more

East Asia Pacific Has Made Progress on Gender Equality, But Challenges Remain

Gender gaps in education and health have been closing, but important gender disparities remain in access to economic opportunity and in voice and influence in society, says the World Bank. Read more

Regional Governance Hub Newsletter - March 2012

News digest featuring governance news, features, blogs, and publications from the Bank and partners. Read more

China Grants and Projects
GEF Grants to Reduce Dioxins from Pulp Production and Facilitate Eco-Transport Development in City Clusters
540,000 will Benefit from Better Urban Transport
New Railway Line to Shorten Travel Time to Inner Mongolia
World Bank Paper: a Strong Institutional Framework Can Ensure Safer School Transport in China

Proper school bus design and maintenance, sound driver qualifications and continual training, as well as a regulatory framework are some of the key factors for a safer school transport system. Read more

Indonesia: North Sulawesi Public Expenditure Analysis Highlights Achievements in Economic Performance, Financial Management and Service Delivery

Impressive achievements in economic performance, public financial management and public service delivery are highlighted in the report. Read more

Indonesia: Clean rivers needed to promote water and food security

Every year Indonesia loses $6.3 billion due to poor sanitation heavily linked to poor water quality, says World Bank study. Enforcement of regulations needed to improve water quality for food security under growing population pressures. Read more

Lao PDR: Library Week Promotes Knowledge Sharing and Information Access

Library Week 2012 highlights the importance of access to information and optimal use of available information in studies, research, and decision making for all; students, teachers, researchers, journalists, and the public. Read more

Mongolia Strikes a Balance between Development and Environmental Protection

Efforts are being ramped up to ensure Mongolia’s environment won’t pay a heavy price for development. Read more

World Bank Approves First Country Partnership Strategy for Samoa

Strategy will focus on strengthening the country’s resilience to climate change, natural disasters and economic shocks. Read more

2,000 Rural Samoan Households to Benefit from Increased Agricultural Productivity

US$13 million credit for Agriculture Competitiveness Enhancement Project in Samoa was approved by the World Bank Board of Directors. Read more

World Bank Regional Vice President Emphasizes Need for Disaster Risk Management on First visit to Pacific

During her first visit to the Pacific as World Bank Regional Vice President for East Asia and Pacific, Pamela Cox met with people affected by the 2009 tsunami in Samoa, and emphasized the need for Pacific Island countries to act today to prepare for tomorrow in managing risks from natural disasters and external economic shocks. Read more

PNG Sustainable Development Program Partnering with the World Bank on Rural Service Delivery in PNG

The PNG Sustainable Development Program (PNGSDP) signed an agreement with the World Bank to provide funding of US$3.8 million for a pilot project which is set to benefit 280,000 people living in rural areas. Read more

Philippines: Typhoon-Affected Communities Cope, Seek Involvement in Disaster Preparedness

Using focus group discussions and key informants interviews, the study titled “The Social Impact of Tropical Storm Ondoy and Typhoon Pepeng” probes into the long-term effects of the twin disasters that hit the country in 2009. Read more

Philippines: New ‘Toolbox’ Introduced to Help Ensure Safe Drinking Water in Local Communities

‘Local water governance toolbox’ developed to guide water service providers in designing and managing waterworks systems to meet the people’s growing needs for safe drinking water and sanitation. Read more

Philippines: Reforms Urgently Needed to Achieve Higher Growth to Improve Lives of More Poor Filipinos – World Bank

Country needs to strengthen public finances and overall competitiveness to attain rapid and sustained growth of above 5% in the decades to come. Read more

Singapore: Learning Big Lessons on Growth from Three Small Countries

The rapid growth of Singapore, Finland and Ireland (the “Sifire” group) yields new lessons for low- and middle-income countries striving to accelerate growth says a new book published by the World Bank. Read more

World Bank Applauds Landmark Agreement to Expand Telecoms Access in Timor-Leste

Landmark agreement between Government of Timor-Leste and Timor Telecom will allow new service providers into the telecommunications market and help reduce costs of mobile phone use. Read more

World Bank’s More Open, Accessible and Searchable Data Support Vietnam’s Development

Vietnamese people can use the Bank’s accessible and easy-to-use datasets to shape the country’s development. Read more

Vietnam’s Infrastructure, Agriculture Sectors to Benefit from the World Bank’s Support

The World Bank Board of Directors approved a total of US$522 million in credits and loans for the development of Vietnam’s urban, energy, and forest sectors. Read more


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