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The Nam Theun 2 Hydroelectric Project (NT2)

Nam Theun 2 multipurpose development project revenues are flowing back to the people of Laos improving living conditions, health care, education, providing access in poor and remote areas. Check the latest Board update to know how the project is progressing.
2011 Board Update | Read the summary
Factsheet | Frequently Asked Questions
More information about the project
Multimedia: Snapshots of Nakai | Downstream Program - A Development Perspective

19th report of the International Environmental Panel of Experts

REPORT - 19th report of the International Environmental Panel of Experts
An independent review of the treatment of environmental and social issues associated with the Nam Theun 2 Multipurpose Project.

Letter to the Editor from the World Bank regarding the article “Near a Dam, But No Power” published on June 14, 2012 on the RFA website.
 More (pdf)

Snapshots of NakaiSLIDESHOW - Snapshots of Nakai
The Nam Theun (NT2) 2 Hydropower is committed to ensuring that the local people who are directly impacted by the project are fairly treated and compensated. More

NT2 Resettlement hilightREPORT - Nam Theun 2 Resettlement: Taking Stock at the Halfway Point
As resettled villagers are adjusting to their new homes, they encounter challenges as well as success in building new livelihoods. This report explores the progress of their relocation at halfway-point. More

Doing A Dam BetterREPORT - Doing a Dam Better: The Lao People’s Democratic Republic and the Story of Nam Theun 2
The report chronicles the story of the Nam Theun 2 (NT2) dam in Lao PDR and includes a rich set of lessons for other big infrastructure projects in developing countries. More

NT2 Tajikistan Laos icon2PRESS RELEASE - Statement by the World Bank on recent comments about Nam Theun II Operation
The World Bank would like to note the following response to a press statement titled "Laos' Nam Theun 2 Dam Operation Illegal". The current operation of the Nam Theun 2 Hydropower Project is legal and consistent with the project's legal agreement and operating plans.
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Nam Theun 2 Watershed
Nam Theun 2 Watershed
Explore the Nam Theun 2 Watershed
Blog: Intervention management of wildlife in Nam Theun 2 
Stories from the Field:
Protecting Wildlife Treasures in the Jungles of Lao PDR
Jungle Diary: Tracking Wildlife in Lao


Issue 15 of The World Bank in Laos newsletter featured NT2: English (1.68kb pdf)

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