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 NT2 Reservior Begins to Fill

- NT2 Reservoir Begins to Fill
On April 10, 2008, the tunnel which has been diverting the water around the NT2 dam will close. The World Bank has released an update on progress made since its last Report in February and the actions which have been taking place.

>> WB Update
>> Statement from WB Country Director
>> Update from NTPC on Reservoir Filling
>> Update from NTPC on Resettlement Activities (1023kb pdf)



 - Panel of Experts Supports Reservoir Filling
The International Panel of Experts (POE) visited NT2 twice this year to assess the social and environmental programs before the reservoir begins to fill. On April 4, 2008, the POE expressed its full support for tunnel closure and the beginning of the filling of the reservoir given the progress made on social and environmental activities, including the relocation of villagers into their new communities.

>> Read the POE 13th and 14th report.
>> Lao Government's Statement - April 7, 2008
>> Lao Government's Statement - April 10, 2008

 - WB February 2008 Interim Report
The beginning of the process to flood the reservoir is scheduled to take place in the upcoming weeks. The World Bank has released a Report on progress made since its last Update in December and the actions expected to take place in the next few months.

>> Interim Progress Report (English 835kb-pdf| Lao 175kb-pdf)
>> WB Statement on Current Progress

 -   NT2 December Update  
The Press Briefing on Nam Theun 2 Semi Annual Report by the World Bank and Asian Development Bank was held on Friday December 14, 2007, via VDO link between Vientiane and Bangkok. Over forty participants attended the briefing including media, INGOs, donors, private sector, government officials from both Laos and Thailand.

>> Press Release and Main Highlights
>> Presentation (10mb pdf)
>> Talking Points -- WB Country Director (26kb pdf)


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