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March 2012 - Over the next 25 years, the Nam Theun (NT2) 2 Hydropower project will generate around US$2 billion in revenues for the Lao Government, some of which is already being spent on rural roads, education, health and environmental projects. While these national benefits are large, the NT2 project is also committed to ensuring that the local people who are directly impacted by the project are fairly treated and compensated.

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Mitigation and Impact

Access to education

Access to basic health care

Improved living conditions

Building new opportunities

Slideshows and Pictures

bullet-blue NT2 Flickr Gallery
bullet-blue Lao PDR's Wildlife Treasures, June 2007
bullet-blue Lao PDR: Growing Momentum, May 2007
bullet-blue Keeping a Promise in Mahaxay, April 2007
bullet-blue NT2 Implementation Underway, October 2006


bullet-blue Mitigation and Impact
bullet-blue Access to education
bullet-blue Access to basic health care
Improved living conditions
bullet-blue Building new opportunities
Voices of Nakai, July 2010
bullet-blue New Housing Around Nam Theun 2 Project, April 2008
bullet-blue Nam Theun 2 Diversion Tunnel Closure Ceremony, April, 2008

Maps and Graphics

bullet-blue The 17 resettled villages in Nakai: Map
bullet-blue Where is NT2 located?
bullet-blue NT2 Project Features
bullet-blue How does electricity get generated?
bullet-blue How is NT2 Financed?

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