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  Avian Flu
The government of Lao PDR has taken a proactive approach to the epidemic by preparing an integrated National Avian Influenza Control and Pandemic Preparedness Plan. The World Bank is supporting these efforts with three grants for US$8 million for the AHI Control and Preparedness Program.
 Avian Flu in Lao PDR
 Avian Flu in East Asia and Pacific
Focusingon primary education, particularly in the poorest provinces, and strengthening system wide basic functions in areas such as textbooks and decentralized planning, budgeting and management through direct investments, are among Lao PDR's education priorities.
 Education in Lao PDR
 Education in East Asia and Pacific
   Energy and Mining
Rural electrification is one of the major achievements in Lao PDR with the connection rate increasing from approximately 16 percent of all households in 1995 to 38 percent of all households by the end of 2003. However, as electrification moves to increasingly remote areas, grid connection becomes less viable.
 Energy and Mining in Lao PDR
 Energy and Mining in East Asia and Pacific
Lao PDR is one of the most biodiversity-rich countries in the East Asia and Pacific region. A relatively low population density and, compared to neighboring countries, a moderate rate of natural resource exploitation, have allowed significant natural and cultivated biological resources to survive.
  Environment in Lao PDR
 Environment in East Asia and Pacific
  Health Nutrition & Population
Although some significant achievements occurred in the health sector, most notably reductions in the under-5 and infant mortality rates, mortality and morbidity remain very high in Lao PDR, especially among the rural population. Malaria and diarrhea are the two main causes of mortality and morbidity.
 Health, Nutrition and Population in Lao PDR
  Health, Nutrition and Population in East Asia and Pacific
 eap_gender47x42 Gender
Progress has been made in improving gender equality in Lao PDR, but significant challenges remain. The adult literacy rate is lower for women compared to men, the ratio of girls to boys in primary and secondary education is 84%, and at 650 per 100,000 live births, the maternal mortality rate is still one of the highest in the region.
  Gender in Lao PDR
  Gender in East Asia and Pacific
  Labor & Social Protection
With almost 40 percent of the population living under the national poverty lines, Lao PDR is one of the poorest countries in the region. The safety net system in Lao PDR is underdeveloped and vulnerability to shocks of a diverse nature is very high.
  Labor and Social Protection in Lao PDR
  Labor and Social Protection in East Asia and Pacific
 Rural Development Rural Development
Lao PDR is the most rural country in Southeast Asia, with over three quarters of the total population currently living in rural areas. Approximately 40 percent of these rural dwellers live below the poverty line, and population growth continues to be concentrated in the rural areas.
 Rural Development and Agriculture in Lao PDR
  Rural Development and Agriculture in East Asia and Pacific
 Social Development  Social Development
With an estimated per capita income of US$460 in 2005, Lao PDR is one of the poorest and least developed countries in the East Asia region. The Nam Theun 2 Hydroelectric Project (NT2) has been one of the key areas of focus in Lao PDR's social development portfolio. Gender issues are also another area of priority.
 Nam Theun 2 Hydroelectric Project  
 Gender in East Asia and Pacific
 Social Development in East Asia and Pacific
Lao PDR has one of the lowest population densities (23 people/km2) and one of the largest shares of rural population in the region. Therefore, the development of an efficient transport system is of paramount importance for regional integration and socio-economic development of the country.
 Transport in Lao PDR
 Transport in East Asia and Pacific
 Urban Development Urban Development
Lao PDR is about 23 percent urban with a rate of urban growth of about 4.8 percent. In Vientiane, (population about 700 thousand people) improving access to drinking water and sanitation is a very high priority.
 Urban Development in Lao PDR
 Urban Development in East Asia and Pacific
 Youth Youth
Over 160 young people from different communities, who have limited opportunity and access to basic services as well as those who live their lives as street youth around Vientiane Capital, participated in a two-day Open Space Forum which was held for two days started on September 9-10, 2006.
 Youth Open Space: Lao PDR
 Youth in East Asia and Pacific

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