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The Government of Vietnam (GoV) gives significant attention to leading partnerships with other stakeholders, especially with external partners. The regular Consultative Group (CG) meetings that the GoV co-chairs with the World Bank, attended by external donors and increasingly by private sector and civil society representatives, have served as a vehicle for addressing partnership issues. Since 1999, the annual CGs have been held in Vietnam; more informal midyear CGs have also been held in-country since 1998. Data icon More
Country Partnership Strategies (CPS)
Country Partnership Strategy Progress Report (CPSPR)
Aid Effectiveness
Partnership Groups
Partnership Reports
Vietnam’s partnership groups key contacts (840kb pdf)

Dec 10, 2012
Consultative Group Meeting for Vietnam  Ha Noi, Vietnam 

CG Meetings
Partnership Groups

5 June 2012: CG Meeting, Quang Tri Press Release 
6 Dec 2011: CG Meeting, Hanoi Press Release
7-8 Dec 2010: CG Meeting, Hanoi Press Release 
 3-4 Dec 2009: CG Meeting, Hanoi Press Release 
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Vietnam currently has 24 partnership groups. All of the groups consist of Government, donor representatives, Vietnamese and international NGOs.
Partnership Groups
Partnership Reports
Vietnam’s partnership groups key contacts (840kb pdf)

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