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Vietnam: Consultative Group (CG) Meeting of Donors

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December 6, 2011
Consultative Group Meeting for Vietnam
Hanoi, Vietnam



The Consultative Group (CG) Meetings for Vietnam bring together participants from the Government of Vietnam, representatives of about 50 bilateral and multilateral donors to Vietnam, representatives of the Vietnam Business Forum and International NGOs. Vietnamese NGOs  representatives participate as observers. Consultative Group meetings provide a forum for discussions between the Government of Vietnam and its development partners on economic policy issues, strategies for reducing poverty, and ODA effectiveness.

The full CG meets every year, usually in December. Since 1999 these meetings have been held in Vietnam and it is intended that all future meetings will be held in-country. In addition to full CG meetings, since 1998 informal mid-year CG meetings have been held in Vietnam, usually in May or June of each year.

The Government delegation includes senior representatives from key ministries and governmental bodies, including the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Finance, and the State Bank of Vietnam. The Consultative Group for Vietnam is co-chaired by the Minister of Planning and Investment and the Country Director of the World Bank in Vietnam.


Press Releases of Previous CG Meetings:

  • Consultative Group Meeting, Hanoi, Vietnam,
    Report - 6 -7 Dec 2010
  • Mid-Year Consultative Group Meeting, Hanoi, Vietnam,
    Report - 9- 10 Jun 2010
  • Consultative Group Meeting, Hanoi, Vietnam,
    Report - 3-4 Dec 2009
  • Mid-Year Consultative Group Meeting, Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam
    Report - 8 Jun 2009
  • Consultative Group Meeting, Hanoi, Vietnam 
    Report - 4-5 Dec 2008
  • Mid-Year CG Meeting, Sapa, Viet nam
    Report - 6 Jun 2008
  • Consultative Group Meeting, Hanoi, Viet nam
    Report - 6-7 Dec 2007
  • Informal Mid-Year Review Meeting, Ha Long, Vietnam
    Report- 1-2 Jun 2007
  • Consultative Group Meeting, Hanoi, Vietnam
    Report-14-15 Dec 2006
  • Informal Mid-Year Review Meeting, Nha Trang, Vietnam
    Report- 9-10 Jun 2006
  • Consultative Group Meeting, Hanoi, Vietnam
    Report- 6-7 Dec 2005
  • Informal Mid-Year Review Meeting, Can Tho, Vietnam
    Report- 2-3 Jun 2005
  • Consultative Group Meeting, Hanoi, Vietnam
    Report- 1-2 Dec 2004
  • Informal Mid-Year Review Meeting, Vinh, Vietnam
    Report- 17 Jun 2004
  • Consultative Group Meeting, Hanoi, Vietnam
    Report- 2-3 Dec 2003
  • Vietnams Donors Express Support and Urge a Strengthened Focus on Implementation
    Report- 11 Dec 2002
  • Donors commend Vietnam's Comprehensive Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategy and commit to its implementation 
    Report- 24 May 2002
  • Vietnam's donor express support, urge further action on implementation of reforms
    Report- 8 Dec 2001
  • A Government-Donor Mid-year Review
    Report- 19 Jun 2001
  • Donors Pledge Support As Vietnam Enters The 21st Century
    Report- 15 Dec 2000
  • Progress, Prospects, Public Expenditure and Partnership A Government-Donor Mid-year Review
    Report - 23 Jun 2000
  • Delegates Endorse Accelerated Reforms for Sustainable Poverty Reduction in Vietnam 
    Report- 15 Dec 1999
  • Towards a Shared Vision and Strategy for Vietnam's Development 
    Report- 15 Jun 1999
  • Donors Pledge Financial Support for Accelerated Reforms in Vietnam 
    Report- 8 Dec 1998
  • World Bank Hosts Mid-Year Consultative Group Meeting for Vietnam 
    Report- 15 Jun 1998
  • Donors Pledge Strong Support for Vietnam, But Urge Action on Deeper Reforms
    Report- 12 Dec 1997
  • Vietnam Secures Continued Support from Aid Donors 
    Report - 6 Dec 1996

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