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Aid Effectiveness

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In Vietnam, there has been significant progress in the drive by Government and donors to make Official Development Assistance (ODA), and its delivery, more effective. As an example, the ‘Like-Minded’ group of nine bilateral donors (Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and UK, with Australia in the process of joining) takes a common position on a range of issues and has recorded a number of important achievements, including:

  • Agreed to share elements of country business plans, including analysis and risk sections

  • Agreed to design programs to fully support implementation of the Comprehensive Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategy (CPRGS – Vietnam’s PRSP)

  • Agreed a template document for co-financing by Like-Minded donors

  • Held a major sector-wide approach (SWAP) training workshop for the development community

  • Embarked on a joint capacity-building program for Official Development Assistance (ODA) management with the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI)

  • Co – hosted (with MPI) a harmonization workshop during a global OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) learning mission

  • Organized a ‘common language’ workshop for the development community

  • Members are co-financing a range of programs including Poverty Reduction Support Credits, Public Financial Management Reform and Public Administration Reform

The Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the World Bank have also made significant progress through their joint harmonization initiative (see below for the areas which are being addressed); both the ‘Like-Minded’ and Bank initiatives are strongly supported by Government. Several other donors have also expanded their partnership work, with Government support.

Priority Areas for Harmonization in Vietnam for ADB, JBIC and WB

Last updated: 2010-06-16

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