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Trung Son Hydropower Project: Project Documents

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Identification | Preparation | Appraisal | Approval | Implementation & Supervision 



Identification Phase (2007-2008)

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Preparation Phase (2008-2010)

Access roads and bridges

Supporting Documents to Preparation Phase (2008-2010)

Related to the preparation of the SESIA/ fisheries-vegetation-biodiversity-Water Quality-Reservoir-Transmission Line-Roads- Health/ Construction camp

Related to Livelihoods

Related to Physical Cultural Resources

Related to Economic and Financial Analysis

Independent Assessments (all files in PDF)

Consultations (all files in PDF)

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Appraisal Phase (2010-2011)

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Approval Phase (2011)

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Implementation & Supervision Phase (2011-2017)

Documents to be added as they become available

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