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Vietnam and the World Bank

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In the last years, Vietnam has stood as an example of a development model that has lifted millions of people out of poverty while ensuring the benefits of its vibrant market economy are fairly evenly distributed across society. The country has rapidly created private sector jobs, has almost eliminated the difference in school enrollment rates between girls and boys, and is well positioned to achieve all the Millenium Development Goals by 2015.


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Country Brief (124kb pdf)
Summarizes recent developments, future challenges and Bank assistance to Vietnam.

Country Partnership Strategy
The Bank's multi-year development plan for Vietnam follows the Government's priorities.

Country Partnership Strategy Progress Report 
This progress report assesses implementation of the World Bank Group's FY07-FY11 country partnership strategy (CPS) with the Socialist Republic of Vietnam at mid-term. 

Country Partnership Strategy Website
The World Bank has recently launched the development of its new Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) outlining engagement for the next five years. The Strategy is being developed in close coordination with the Vietnamese Government and other stakeholders in the country. 

Comprehensive Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategy  
Vietnam's own plans for reducing poverty are the basis for the Bank's Country Partnership Strategy.

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