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ECA Migration-MiRPAL (Migration and Remittances Peer-Assisted Learning) Network

mirpal logoMIRPAL is a community of migration and remittance practitioners and policymakers from the ECA countries. This peer-learning network was officially launched in May 2010 at a conference in Moscow, Russia. A series of GDLN events organized prior to the May 2010 launching conference served as a foundation for the development of the network.

Migration XXI Century, a Moscow-based NGO, acts as a MIRPAL Secretariat. 

The MIRPAL Logo picture mirrors the variety of effects migration can potentially have on the source and destination countries. The governments face an uneasy challenge of adopting migration policies, which being restrictive in nature, respect the basic human rights and ensure fairness and justice towards the freedom of human choice to move across countries. Balancing between benefits and costs of both migrant sending and receiving countries remains a key issue in migration agenda. With population aging in high and middle income countries migration becomes highly important in providing the necessary labor supply, while, at the same time, generating burden for these countries’ public expenses in social sectors such as education and health. Benefits of migrant sending countries are tremendous especially with regard to remittances which impact all aspects of human life of their native populations. There is empirical evidence, that remittances are channeled to meeting the basic needs of migrant sending households, including for education, health, housing and utilities. In addition, the Diaspora abroad highly contributes to the development of trade and financial linkages between migrant sending and receiving countries leading to an increase in export, inflow of foreign direct investments, and transfer on knowledge and technology. These benefits outweigh the costs of labor mobility the poor countries face with outflow of their capable labor known as brain drain and brain waste phenomenon.        

The main goal of MIRPAL in 2011 is to provide a forum for cross-country collaboration as a means to refine and harmonize approaches to initiate and guide CIS migration policies and practices. In 2011, MIRPAL was one of the World Bank initiatives highlighted for the results produced. Read "MIRPAL: Supporting Migration Reforms in Europe and Central Asia" and World Bank - A Catalyst for Labor Migration Discussion".        


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