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The Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey (BEEPS)


The Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey (BEEPS) – a joint initiative of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the World Bank, now in its 4th iteration, is a means for collecting firm-level data on broad range of issues about the business environment and performance of firms, including business-government relations, firm financing, labor, infrastructure, informal payments and corruption, and other topics such as training and innovation. More > 



Data & Statistics

The 2008 BEEPS survey and sampling methodology was restructured from the earlier cycles which provides many opportunities for researchers. Most notably, the newest cycle of BEEPS results are comparable to other countries outside the ECA region. The BEEPS survey is specific to the ECA region; however, many of the indicators correspond to the Enterprise Survey that has been implemented in over 180 countries worldwide. The restructuring allows for comparison to countries outside the ECA region which offers many opportunities for comparative analysis. These changes, however, limit the comparability of the 2008 results to earlier rounds. The differences between the approaches and resulting limitations to comparability are as follows

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Survey Instrument


In 2008 significant changes were made to the survey instrument.

  • Some questions used in the 2005 questionnaire and present in the Anticorruption in Transition 3 and prior versions of BEEPS at-a-Glance were dropped from the survey.
  • Some new questions were added to the 2008 questionnaire.
  • In some cases, the questions were modified in terms of wording or response options, thus care should be taken in comparing the results.

The above changes often prevent direct comparability of the results between 2008 and earlier rounds of BEEPS. For example, values for 2005 shown in the earlier release of BEEPS at-a-Glance reports comparing 2002 and 2005 would differ from the values in the current version. In addition, question wording and response options changed for a number of indicators included in the BEEPS at-a-Glance Country Profiles and the Cross Country Report. For more information on specific differences and methods of calculation, please see the methodological annexes in each of the BEEPS at-a-Glance Country Profiles and the Cross Country Report.

Reports and Analysis

beeps reportThe BEEPS data is being disseminated through a number of knowledge products: the BEEPS at-a-Glance Country Profiles, the Cross Country Report, and the BEEPS Data Portal. In addition, two in-depth reports focusing on aspects of the business environment such as governance, anti-corruption, finance, labor and infrastructure are available. Each product provides a different means for displaying and understanding the results of BEEPS.

BEEPS at-a-Glance Cross Country Report

The BEEPS at-a-Glance Cross Country Report provides an at-a-glance view of all country and sub-regional values for selected indicators. Similar to the Country Profiles, the Cross Country Report highlights changes in indicator values over time. In addition, this report provides an expanded analysis of Problems Doing Business indicators, including ranks over time and differences across time. As the Cross Country Report shows, there is much variation across countries and sub-regions for specific indicators, and in some cases, certain countries stand out as leaders and laggards.

Download the report (pdf)

The BEEPS Analytical Reports

Trends in Corruption and Regulatory Burden in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (2011)

This study assesses levels and trends in corruption and the administrative burden from government regulation of private firms. It is largely based on the fourth round of the EBRD-World Bank Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Surveys(BEEPS) covering over 11,000 firms in 29 countries in Europe and Central Asia (ECA). The study finds evidence of substantial progress in the region—although not evenly spread across countries - in numerous areas of government-business interactions. More> 

BEEPS at-a-Glance Country Profiles

The BEEPS at-a-Glance Country Profiles provide a graphical representation of values of selected indicators focusing on problems doing business, corruption, customs and trade, taxation, finance, labor and workforce
development, infrastructure and innovation among others. BEEPS at-a-Glance Country Profiles are available for each of the 29 countries participating in BEEPS.

BEEPS at-a-Glance Country Profiles focus primarily on changes over time and provide values for both 2005 and 2008 rounds. Although in some cases the values are not directly comparable, these charts offer descriptive comparisons. The Country Profiles show results for the country, sub-region, and region, and also offer response summaries for all the Problems Doing Business indicators for 2005 and 2008. The methodological annex describes in detail the values and differences in indicators where applicable.






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