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Slideshow: Energy Community of South East Europe APL 3 Project

Energy Community of South East Europe APL 3 Project

Damaged during the war of 1992-1995, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s power grid needed extensive repairs.

Transmission stations, hydro and thermal power plants, and hundreds of kilometers of transmission lines were rehabilitated through four projects supported by the World Bank.

Reducing emissions from thermal power plants and safe disposal of ash is a priority.

Improved environmental performance of thermal power plants is a key objective.

Kakanj Power Plant has been rebuilt as part of a project rehabilitating Southeastern Europe’s power grid.

The first of its kind in the Western Balkans, this new air filter at Kakanj Power Plant is significantly improving air quality.

Stjepan and Janja Tomic find there is a lot less dust spewing from the power plant behind their home in Kakanj.

Gacko Thermal Power Plant is one of four power plants around the country being reconstructed.

Today, Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the few countries in the region with excess power generation and with export potential.

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