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Jointly with the UK Department for International Development (DFID), the Bank is currently providing Technical Assistance (in coordination with the International Organization for Migration (IOM)) to Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan in developing country specific action plans to cover key priority areas to further improve migration management systems and to serve as a roadmap for both the government and donors as far as migration policies/institutions and projects are concerned. This will also be a step towards improving coordination within the government and between the donors. A key aspect of this work will be country-specific action plans that identify “quick wins” in each country, in particular focusing on what the countries could do in terms of:

  • Policy level actions, needed to improve management of labor migration, skill development and remittance
  • Institutional reforms needed to support policy level actions
  • Program/project level interventions to support reforms identified.

To echo Moscow Migration Declaration provisions, these quick “wins” would need to be included in the country-specific action plans, and would include measures in three broad categories: ensuring basic rights; management of labor migration and labor rights; and support services. Such an Action plan should serve as a guiding map for the governments and donors in provision of their support (technical and projects) in the area of migration, not only in the aftermath of current global crisis but over the medium term to harness migration potential for economic growth and poverty reduction efforts in these countries.

Consultations with host countries: In order to have a meaningful impact of this assignment, some initial public awareness initiatives will be done in Russia by bringing the most prominent public organizations, NGOs and think-tank into the dialogue so as measures proposed under the country-specific action plans (from sending countries). This would increase the chances of success in host countries, especially Russia, in terms of the many ongoing challenges faced by sending countries. The efforts under this program would guide the process of addressing these constraints through continuous dialogue with the host country authorities.Further discussions on the level and type of assistance are currently undergoing and most probably will cover three counties for the time being (Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan and Russia). In order to expand this work initial proposals are being discussed with the DFID and EC and a response is expected in early January 2010.

The following consultation drafts on Kyrgyz Republic are now available for discussion:


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