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Central Asia Regional Migration Programme (CARMP)

According to the CARMP, the main the objectives of this Regional Migration Program, developed with participation on the Oxford Policy Management (OPM) and inputs from the World bank, are to:
(1) Contribute to poverty reduction in Central Asia through the improved labor migration management and better livelihoods of migrants; (2) Enhance the social and economic benefits of migration both in labor sending and labor receiving countries.


arr Objectives and scope of the Trust Fund program
Specifically, this program will focus on addressing the following set of inter-linked problems:

- Poor labor migration policies on national and regional levels with underdeveloped/lack of legislative framework;
- Lack of coordinated information and data collection to assess the actual scope of labor migration necessary for adequate formulation of national policies;
- Poor gender responsive laws and lack of gender based approach at all levels;
Weak capacity of state agencies to deal with labor migration and poor understanding of the direct link between labor migration and development;
- Lack of/poor facilities to provide services for labor migrants and their families in sending and receiving countries; and
- A considerable level of discrimination and/or negative feeling against Central Asian labor migrants in receiving countries.

Since the above specified objectives are part of a broader DFID program, Bank was approached to contribute to 2 out of 5 main components/objectives of the program (see section 3 for details of all components). There are other players (IOM and UN Women) to the Program who are taking care of the "social and economic benefits" and improvement of service provision (design first as some of the services like pre-departure, social protection, training are virtually absent) under 3 additional components of the CARMP). The Bank, to echo the need to link up with other sectors, will surely continue to work very closely on the policy level and sector level (e.g. Life skill development project) to ensure establishment of such facilities/service provision. The program will not attempt to change institutions and solve all the issues but will focus on strengthening the dialogue that is important for a number of ECA countries.

Based on the above, the Bank has identified five key areas of particular interest under the Program (i) improving remittance and migration data collection in the CIS region; (ii) introducing new technologies in remittances; (iii) increasing impact of migration and remittances on the poverty reduction; (iv) maximizing macroeconomic benefits of migration and remittances; and (v) promoting Diasporas’ engagement as a source of economic development of migrant sending countries. WB’s component will bring migration and remittances into the development agenda by contributing to these areas through:

- Developing policy recommendations and implementing initiatives aimed at the improvement of labor migration policies in MIRPAL member countries;
- Providing a platform for a dialogue between state and non-government participants as well as key experts and practitioners in the area of remittances and migration from MIRPAL member countries;
- Raising awareness on importance and impact of labor migration and remittances;
- Strengthening capacities and knowledge base of all Network members through the exchange of experience (peer-learning) as well as through analysis of the best practices from key international experts in the area of remittances and migration;
- Preparing analytical briefs and thematic research on specific topics of interest;
- Promoting inclusion of the larger number of ECA countries to the initiatives and activities concerning issues of remittances and migration, and facilitating the dialogue among the countries.

arrCARPM Structure (Eng.)

 arr CARMP Newsletters

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May 2011 (Rus.)
June 2011 (Rus.)
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November 2011 (Rus.)

arrRegional Migration Programme Regional and National Steering Committees Organizational Chart
(.pdf, Eng.)

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