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Photo Gallery-Financing Farmers, Strengthening Georgia’s Rural Development

Financing Farmers, Strengthening Georgia’s Rural Development

Gulnara Bodokia, a Georgian vegetable and ornamental plant farmer, in one of her five greenhouses.

With a World Bank-backed line of credit, Bodokia upgraded greenhouses and expanded her business.

Bodokia and her husband work year round and she hires seasonal workers.

Removing weeds in spring in anticipation of harvest.

Most of Bodokia's profits come in winter, when the ground is frozen outside, but she grows produce inside greenhouses.

Eldar Kitiashvili took advantage of the line of credit extended through micro-finance institutions to buy supplies and turn his orchard into a small business.

Agriculture is one of the main sources of employment in Georgia, but needs a boost in order for small farmers to earn bigger incomes.

Georgia has great export potential of its fruit, vegetables, and wine, but still needs investment to become a reliable and consistent producer.

Microfinance organizations can now lend to farmers at reasonable interest rates and repayment terms, thanks to the line of credit.

This pig farm expanded thanks to the line of credit, and its owner is making enough profit to repay his loan ahead of schedule.

Thousands of farmers and agricultural producers across Georgia are benefiting from the line of credit.

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