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Photo Gallery-The New Landscape of Armenia’s Agriculture

The New Landscape of Armenia’s Agriculture

Almost 90 km of the Talin and Armavir irrigations canals were rehabilitated under the Irrigation Rehabilitation Emergency Project.

Rehabilitation works were done on almost 60 km of the Talin main canal.

Since works on the Armavir and Talin canals, water losses from main water intakes are down from 22.5 % to between 6 and 7 %.

Glimpses of Armavir main canal before and after reconstruction.

Irrigated area increase has comprised about 4,000 ha in 2010 agricultural season, and by the end of the project it will be about 7,000 ha. (Irrigation Rehabilitation Emergency Project (July 2009 – December 2011), Armenia)

Opening of the Armavir main canal. The repair works generated several thousand temporary jobs.

Temporary employment generated an estimated $5.4 million, higher than the $4.5 million anticipated.

Vrezh Yeghikyan, a farmer from Berkashat, Armavir province, believes that this project was the best investment for farmers in the region in the past 70 years.

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