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Photo Gallery-In Turkey: New Jobs for a New Economy

In Turkey: New Jobs for a New Economy

These trainees have been through special courses and internships to get them here, to Ankara Seramik.

They are all part of a training program offered by ISKUR, Turkey's national jobs agency.

ISKUR offers training classes in 500 professions, everything from hair styling to computers, childcare to ship building.

The number of unemployed young people in Turkey stands at about 18 percent, above the world average. And unemployment among the young has long-term negatives, both for them and for the country.

These students are part of a 400 hour ISKUR class that teaches them how to make precision tools.

They learn the software in class, and the machines on the shop floor.

And once they graduate, their teacher says, they will all get jobs.

He says he's had a 150 students go through his course; all of them have gotten jobs.

About a quarter of million people go through ISKUR’s training program every year. About 60 percent of those get hired on as permanent employees.

With support from the World Bank, Turkey is assessing the success of the training program. The assessment hopes to answer key questions about whether the training cuts joblessness among the young.

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