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Photo Gallery-Cleaning the Ash and the Chemical Waste--Legacy of Coal-Burning

Cleaning the Ash and the Chemical Waste—Legacy of Coal-Burning

The old coal-fired Kosovo-A power plant has been dumping vast quantities of ash out in the open for forty years.

Careless discharge of ash pollutes the air whenever the wind blows.

The ash dump was unstable and risked tumbling down onto the village nearby.

Kosovo Energy Corporation has been working intensively to clean up its environmental legacy.

Excavators and jumbo trucks purchased with project funds have been cleaning up, leveling and covering the ash heap.

Once reshaped, this part of the ash dump was covered with overburden from mining operations.

Full rehabilitation of the ash hill can take place only after dumping fresh ash stops.

The open-air, dry ash transport system of Kosovo A power plant will be replaced with a closed, hydraulic one.

Almost 20,000 cubic meters of hazardous waste from the abandoned gasification plant, once part of the power plant, are being cleaned up.

Around 15,000 cubic meters of phenol waste have been treated and neutralized.

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